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Since we have been talking about smart ways to survive the rest of the winter, we thought we’d like to go on with the topic. Now, despite the cold, baths are important to everyone; it makes us feel squeaky clean and confident. But taking hot baths in the cold weather can be difficult, especially when one finishes showering. Stepping out of the bathroom after a hot soak gives a shocking change to the senses. While you might want to step on a throw rug instead of that freezing marble tile, we’ve got another alternative that’s practically perfect for the weather. Any weather, that is! The Thirsty Cork Floor Mat is a useful alternative to rugs. You don’t need to have your favorite woolen rug soaked in water, just use this cork mat and prevent from slipping and sliding on a..

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The things you wish for As you look up in the sky And your heart throbs with glee. The dreams that fill Your eyes with much hope and Simmers in your soul. The prayers which are Woven unconsciously inside Your head, Tinkering as you sleep And when you open your Eyes, it’s all that You see Beyond that office window And the piles of essay You need to submit tomorrow It’s an endless song playing Inside your ear Reminding you to keep hoping Keep looking Keep searching For the best is yet to come. – The Things You Wish For What a lovely Wednesday! We are days beyond the new year, and slowly, new things are being revealed to us. How has your 2014 started so far? The snow has sent most of us shivering under our blankets, and I..

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Snowmen are in this season; we’ll be seeing more of them this winter as the snow piles up on our backyard during the frosty, cold days. Each of us are armed with a carrot, a pair of buttons and dead tree branches as we sculpt these creatures out of the snow. Winter is never complete without them! But just like seasons, the existence of these snowmen are as fleeting as their material. When the sun’s radiance shines with all its warmth, our well-sculpted species melt and clump down. The good thing is, while there’s still snow, we can rebuild and rebuild them again. If you’re too tired or too cold to go out to enjoy making a snow man, our Melting Snowman is just the right present for you. The little white frost is actually made out of polymer. However,..

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Add a new charm to your kitchen and dining experience with the Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker Set. Taking a new spin in the term “season,” these loveable animals represent their own weather. The cuddly rabbit stands for spring, camel for the hot summer, the graceful deer for autumn and the polar bear for the cold winter. All of them sits together in a white plastic tray, housed in their own “snowglobe” which turns into a wonderful play whenever you shake the seasoning out of their shaker. Trod into the endearing animal parade march by bringing these creatures into your table. Your dining experience will definitely be more fun, and flavorful having them around! The shaker set is made with different hole sizes; use it for salt, pepper, mixed herbs, sugar or even chili. Buy this item on Karma Kiss >>

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