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Imagine: it’s been a long day at work. You come home, open the door, and it smells like your grandmother’s kitchen. Or you’ve been at the beach all day and open the door to the spicy warm heat of chili waiting for you to dig in. Slow-cookers are genius. 10-15 minutes of preparation and then you just leave it all alone for hours. When you come back home, it’s like magic has happened right on your kitchen counter. Here are 3 super easy, crazy delicious slow-cooker meals to try. Chili Soup in general is a great choice for a slow-cooker, but there’s something extra special about chili, and it’s amazingly simple with just a few ingredients and a flavor that develops the longer it cooks. Meat: brown your own beef or use pre-cooked meat. Rotisserie chicken is a great shortcut, and vegetarian..

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With the holidays right around the corner and a slew of family and friends sure to be stopping in, you’ve likely started the hurry-clean-the-house game. There are a lot better games to play, so it’s best to make this one as short as possible. Of course, having a few organizing hacks up your sleeve can help make things move way faster. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a few fast tips for every room in your home starting with… The Living Room Create a landing pad to contain the mess. At the end of the day, you walk in the door with an armload of things. Mail, maybe a bag or purse, an umbrella if it’s been raining or your favorite sunglasses–where do you normally drop them? Contain some of that mess by creating a space just for things you drop..

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Sometimes a holiday comes along that’s impossible to ignore, and National Sandwich Day is that kind of holiday. Not that anyone needs an excuse to eat a tasty sandwich, but how much sweeter is it when you can justify having a sandwich for lunch? Of course, not all sandwiches are created equal! There are so many great sandwiches, from traditional clubs to a perfect gyro, but these three classic sandwiches will hit the spot. Bonus: they’re easier to make than you think. Treat your friends and family to a feast or, you know, keep them to yourself. There’s no judgement on Sandwich Day. Sandwich 1: The French Dip There’s something so comforting about a hearty French Dip. The tender beef, melted cheese, and warm au jus reaches all the way down to your soul somehow. It takes a little time,..

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There’s something special about taking the time to sit down to a meal together with friends and family. In the over-scheduled world we tend to live in, those moments are priceless. Of course, that doesn’t mean dinnertime is magically fun–sometimes it needs a little help, whether it’s for the kids in your life, the adults, or those who seem to be caught in-between! Wild Side Make a statement about your wild side with Wild Dining Party Animal Party Plates. You’re bound to get a good chuckle from the dolled up Baby Seal, Baby Deer, and Patricia Panda photos on these fun party plates. Rocket…Fork? It might not be the first thing you think of when you think of utensils, but the Petits Et Maman Rocket Spoon & Fork set might be the perfect addition for the little ones–or not so little ones–in..

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Looking for something bright and cheery to fill your kitchen space? Whether you want to pour yourself the most amazing cup of tea, make a mean drink, or decorate the counter with adorable creatures, we’ve got the perfect kitchen gadgets, tools, and beyond for any kitchen in any home. For Cooking Get cookin’ with these handy gift ideas. Lemon Squeezer and Holder: $15.19 Cute in design and easy to squeeze, this lemon holder offers storage for fruit and juice with a burst of citrus color.     Garlic Twist: $18.00 Skip garlic from the store that’s already cut and prepare fresh garlic in half the time.     Muffin Tops Baking Cups: $15.00 Don’t worry about anyone’s actual muffin top – these baking cups in the shape of tiny jeans give your best goods a sense of style.    ..

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Need a hand in the kitchen? Are you having a hard time battling off the fire from frying food? Do you want an extended little help to help you pick up the pieces from the pan safely? Well, we’ve just got the hand for you, and they’re quite the most adorable little help you can have in your kitchen! Introducing Streamline’s Applause Claws Tongs, a pair of colorful clappers, ready to be your right (or left) hands in the kitchen! There’s no need to look like you’re beaten off from mixing up all the salads and drying your fritters from all the oil. You can pick everything steadily with another pair of hands without getting yours in a mess! It’s the perfect serving utensil when it comes to salad, pasta, cakes and even ice. And with its adorable design, it..

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What are we going to do with all those eggs this Easter? Oh sure, it looked fun when we started coloring and dyeing and painting on them, but after that, what? Well, we can suggest making sandwiches and meals garnished with these ingredients. And nothing can help you more than this Ukulele Egg Slicer from Karma Kiss. Eggs can be difficult to slice, but this product helps you get the right kind of garnish without breaking the whole thing. The lovely little item looks like a tiny ukulele, and despite its inability to make real music, it can be helpful in creating perfect dishes for your homemade goods. It’s food-safe and comes packaged in a PET box. Give it as a gift or buy it for yourself. Either ways, you’re sure to enjoy this creative item, with a lot of..

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Add a new charm to your kitchen and dining experience with the Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker Set. Taking a new spin in the term “season,” these loveable animals represent their own weather. The cuddly rabbit stands for spring, camel for the hot summer, the graceful deer for autumn and the polar bear for the cold winter. All of them sits together in a white plastic tray, housed in their own “snowglobe” which turns into a wonderful play whenever you shake the seasoning out of their shaker. Trod into the endearing animal parade march by bringing these creatures into your table. Your dining experience will definitely be more fun, and flavorful having them around! The shaker set is made with different hole sizes; use it for salt, pepper, mixed herbs, sugar or even chili. Buy this item on Karma Kiss >>

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