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With the holidays right around the corner and a slew of family and friends sure to be stopping in, you’ve likely started the hurry-clean-the-house game. There are a lot better games to play, so it’s best to make this one as short as possible. Of course, having a few organizing hacks up your sleeve can help make things move way faster. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a few fast tips for every room in your home starting with… The Living Room Create a landing pad to contain the mess. At the end of the day, you walk in the door with an armload of things. Mail, maybe a bag or purse, an umbrella if it’s been raining or your favorite sunglasses–where do you normally drop them? Contain some of that mess by creating a space just for things you drop..

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If you look forward to skeletons and monsters and candy buckets all year, the Halloween gift collection is calling your name. Find the most fun, most unique gifts for your favorite trolls and witches–or pick up a few things for yourself! Raven Bookend Set Whether you pull these out just for Halloween or make them a permanent fixture year-round, the Raven Bookend Set will stand out on your bookshelf or cabinet. Cup O’ Bones Mug Don’t drink your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate out of a normal mug this Halloween–show your spirit with the Cup O’ Bones Mug. A little spooky, a lot of fun, and you can be sure no one will forget it! Silent Sweep No Tick Tock Talking Pirate Alarm Clock Sleep in and miss the Halloween shenanigans? As if–with the Talking Pirate Alarm Clock you won’t..

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November 26th is National Cake Day and we’re ready to celebrate! Falling on the day before Thanksgiving this year, it’s a perfect way to enjoy some fluffy cake before pies take over the holiday scene. But where did Cake Day come from? Cake dates actually go back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt, so the idea of celebrating a day with cake is thousands of years old! The first cakes were not like the ones we enjoy today. They were rather flat and heavy and often just reserved for the Gods to enjoy. Since then,we’ve come a long way in enjoying cake in more simple every day settings. In fact, boxed cake came about in the Great Depression, when It was cheaper to make pre-made mix instead of buying all separate ingredients! Celebrating Cake Day? We’re right there with ou!..

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Halloween is just around the corner! For some people it is their favorite holiday and getting spooky, fun gifts for them is just what you’re looking for. All under $15, you’ll make someone’s day and stay within budget!   1. This awesome little key ring not only gives you light, but roars while he does it! Who doesn’t want a pocket dragon for Halloween? It’s great for kids or for kids at heart!   2. If someone you know is throwing a great party, why not help them out with Halloween wine bottle stickers? This pack of stickers fits around most wine bottles, giving them fun and creepy new labels. Or, wrap a bottle of wine before you bring it to a house party! Either way, it makes a great gift! 3. We all know a person who collect shot..

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Santa Claus comes peeping right into that glass of milk! See him with his jolly smile and twinkling eyes in this set of 4 coasters from Karma Kiss. This fun item offers a Christmas-y decorative motif for your table and desks, adding a dash of holiday flair to any setting. More than being a decorative item, it’s a good way from protecting any counter and table from spills and rings. The Peek-a-boo Santa Coasters set comes with 4 absorbent stone coasters, each with a unique design of a sneaking Santa staring at your drink. This is perfect as a gift too! It’s packed in a printed box with illustrations by Debbie Taylor Kerman Inc. Add this item to your Christmas decoration and enjoy having Mr. Claus inside your home. Buy the Peek-a-boo Santa Coasters here >>     Credits: Miss..

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Holidays are a time of the year that present lots of opportunity to spread joy and warm hearts, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they tend to be stressful. As you visit the common shopping stores you begin to hear the holiday music playing through the various speakers of your favorite retail outlets, and then the pressure is on. Luckily, with the use of effective gift guides, as well as conditioning of natural awareness, it can be quite a fun time overall. The pressure of the holidays doesn’t have to be something that puts you into a state of panic. It can be something that you merely recognize and set as a reminder for what ‘to do’ during the holiday’s and the shopping journey, as well as what ‘not to do’.  Here are 5 mistakes that are..

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