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November 26th is National Cake Day and we’re ready to celebrate! Falling on the day before Thanksgiving this year, it’s a perfect way to enjoy some fluffy cake before pies take over the holiday scene. But where did Cake Day come from? Cake dates actually go back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt, so the idea of celebrating a day with cake is thousands of years old! The first cakes were not like the ones we enjoy today. They were rather flat and heavy and often just reserved for the Gods to enjoy. Since then,we’ve come a long way in enjoying cake in more simple every day settings. In fact, boxed cake came about in the Great Depression, when It was cheaper to make pre-made mix instead of buying all separate ingredients! Celebrating Cake Day? We’re right there with ou!..

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Remember when your trash bins look entirely ho-hum? Well, this item just got reinvented and it looks all nice and dandy to brighten up any space. If your partying enjoyment is only for a limited time, why not bring the memories of your good times into your space with a large, bright red bin that reminds of that cup you used to sip into? This time, it’s a tad bigger and a lot more functional. With this item around, throwing trash in its proper place can be fun too! We’re loving this party-cup designed item and we’re bringing it into your homes and offices to make your room more creative, or at least to spark a few nice memories whenever you get blank. You will never look at the iconic red party cup the same  again. As a song goes,..

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