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If you look forward to skeletons and monsters and candy buckets all year, the Halloween gift collection is calling your name. Find the most fun, most unique gifts for your favorite trolls and witches–or pick up a few things for yourself! Raven Bookend Set Whether you pull these out just for Halloween or make them a permanent fixture year-round, the Raven Bookend Set will stand out on your bookshelf or cabinet. Cup O’ Bones Mug Don’t drink your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate out of a normal mug this Halloween–show your spirit with the Cup O’ Bones Mug. A little spooky, a lot of fun, and you can be sure no one will forget it! Silent Sweep No Tick Tock Talking Pirate Alarm Clock Sleep in and miss the Halloween shenanigans? As if–with the Talking Pirate Alarm Clock you won’t..

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Halloween night is almost upon us! Are you participating in Trick-or-Treating, volunteering at your local community center, or calling it a night in with some favorite classic Halloween flicks? I was not a kid who loved scary Halloween night movies. Back in my trick-or-treating days, the movies that played were either VHS favorites or whatever network television offered up. My preferences tended to be the less scary options as kid handing out candy. For this year’s Halloween Must Watch Movie Classics, here are my Top 15. Charlie Brown It’s The Great Pumpkin  (G-rated) Bugs Bunny Howl-O-Ween (G-rated) The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo  (G-rated) Escape to Witch Mountain 1975 (G-rated) The Wizard of Oz (G-rated) ET (G-rated) Star Wars  (PG) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (R) Halloween  (R) The Addams Family  (PG-13) Edward Scissorhands (PG-13) Hocus Pocus (PG-13) Carrie  (R) Children of the..

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Thirteen might be viewed as an unlucky number but when it comes to Trick or Treating on Halloween; these thirteen tips can help kids stay safe. Wear brightly colored or white costumes to stand out in the dark. Apply glow tape, carry a glow stick or wear a glow necklace to costumes to further make kids stand out in the night. Carrying a flashlight is another great way to increase visibility. Use common sense safety rules when trick-or-treating. Cross at crosswalks. Look both ways before crossing streets. Walk on sidewalks if possible. Watch for cars leaving drive-ways as you move from house to house. Parents and teens need to be extra cautious when driving on Halloween. Be alert to the fact that small children that might be as visible are out walking. Watch when pulling out or making turns for..

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Did you know that E.T. was originally written as a horror film?  That’s scary enough for its own reasons.  Or that chocolate sauce was used for fake blood in your favorite black and white flicks (dark brown showed up much more dramatically than red on film)?  The thrilling genre of Horror and Slasher movies have thrilled millions for decades – so with the season upon us, we’ve put together a some cool facts about some of your favorite scary movies so you can impress your fearless friends. The Shining [youtube] “Heeeeere’s Johnny!”  Probably one of the most iconic scenes in horror movie history comes out of this Stephen King classic where Jack Nicholson breaks down the door protecting his terrified family with an axe.  And while it is true that most of what you see on screen is flimsy..

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Everyone has at least one skeleton in their closet. When it comes to entertaining around Halloween, let one part of that skeleton out to play: the skull. As temperatures begin to dip, partygoers and trick-or-treaters appreciate a warm beverage in between candy stops. Celebrate Dios De Los Muertos with sugar skulls and yummy Mexican Hot Chocolate or Spiced Cider. Your Abuela (Mexican grandma) would definitely approve. Try some of her recipes below to add warmth and fun to any Halloween party for a touch of history and Halloween eeriness. Preparation Get set to write the recipes of life including Mexican Hot Chocolate with the Karma Kiss’ Set of Three Skull Pens. This set of three pens is skull-er-ific from top to bottom with scary Halloween or Day of the Dead skull details combined with function. Skull Pens Set of 3 Yummy Mexican..

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With Halloween fast approaching, Homer Simpson and the family are gearing up for the festivities. Of course, we are all looking forward to the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror tales this year, a traditional rite of passage into the macabre. But that got us to thinking about just what kind of advice or tips would Homer have to share with his fellow revelers? Well, not surprising, Homer indeed had a suggestion or two (actually, closer to 25, but we have limited space here). Simple and straight to the point, Homer Jay Simpson presents his personal rules for successful trick-or-treating. Rule #1 Halloween is About Donuts Don’t let anyone else try to convince you that Halloween is about scary stuff because it isn’t. It’s about good, tasty, delicious stuff – like donuts. If you really want to liven up the neighborhood and..

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We know that our Karma Kiss readers are creative in one way or another. Perhaps that’s why you’re here in the first place; to find something novel, unique and creative. And because we want you to enjoy your stay, we’re sharing some tips and resources you can use for your own Halloween party this year! All these sites offer free digital items such as fonts, cliparts and templates you can download and enjoy with your kids. Spark up that artsy person in you and fire away with your Halloween crafting with these goodies: Spooky Invites Calling for your league of ghoulish guests this coming Halloween? Why not give them a charming invite to signify of your spooky soiree? Download this nifty editable Halloween Party Invites from Love Vs. Design, stock up on thick paper cards, and print away. You can..

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Just last week we dished out a few tips in decorating your home this Halloween Season. In the same spirit of spookiness, we feel inclined to cast out a few of our Halloween spells to put some sweet, delicious treats into someone’s tongue. But we’ll be needing your help to conjure it–by that we meant “cook,” “bake,” or “put everything together”– whatever applies! These recipes are pretty easy, something you can do with your kid. Now say the magic word, and let the sweet stuff appear and disappear through the hands of the enthusiastic sweet eater! Vampire Apples (source) Oooh, these apples look as if they’re about to bite, but the only one who’s biting is you!  Punch a “mouth” into your red apples and cut out marshmallows; stick them onto the upper lip. Caramelize sugar and drip it over..

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It’s a spooky season of hoots and boos as Halloween comes drawing near. The children—and adults—love to dress up this season to scare everybody out of their wits, or to get a nice handful of candy. Whichever you prefer, we know that Halloween is supposed to be celebrated with fun and enjoyment, especially with the family. As the event draws near, why not decorate your home with a frighteningly fashionable set of luminaries as your way of joining in the festivities? The smartest way you can do is to light up your home with Halloween inspired luminaries! Have your kids come and help you to create a nice bonding moment with an art activity! Milk Monster (source) What you’ll need: Markers, Old Milk Jugs, Tea Lights Create a spooky white league of ghouls out of your old milk jugs with..

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