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Sometimes a holiday comes along that’s impossible to ignore, and National Sandwich Day is that kind of holiday. Not that anyone needs an excuse to eat a tasty sandwich, but how much sweeter is it when you can justify having a sandwich for lunch? Of course, not all sandwiches are created equal! There are so many great sandwiches, from traditional clubs to a perfect gyro, but these three classic sandwiches will hit the spot. Bonus: they’re easier to make than you think. Treat your friends and family to a feast or, you know, keep them to yourself. There’s no judgement on Sandwich Day. Sandwich 1: The French Dip There’s something so comforting about a hearty French Dip. The tender beef, melted cheese, and warm au jus reaches all the way down to your soul somehow. It takes a little time,..

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There’s something special about taking the time to sit down to a meal together with friends and family. In the over-scheduled world we tend to live in, those moments are priceless. Of course, that doesn’t mean dinnertime is magically fun–sometimes it needs a little help, whether it’s for the kids in your life, the adults, or those who seem to be caught in-between! Wild Side Make a statement about your wild side with Wild Dining Party Animal Party Plates. You’re bound to get a good chuckle from the dolled up Baby Seal, Baby Deer, and Patricia Panda photos on these fun party plates. Rocket…Fork? It might not be the first thing you think of when you think of utensils, but the Petits Et Maman Rocket Spoon & Fork set might be the perfect addition for the little ones–or not so little ones–in..

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It’s that time of year again: the leaves are changing colors, pumpkin flavoring is showing it up in everything, and it’s the perfect temperature for hot coffee drinks. Starting in September and October, a slew of flavored drinks are going to cross your path, but not all are created equal. Sure, there are some classics you’ll want to sip on, but there are some you might not expect and others you can make at home without spending any extra money for the coffee shop “experience.” Pumpkin Spice Latte It’s impossible to start a fall coffee list without including the extremely classic pumpkin spice latte. Yes, it’s been done a m i l l i o n times, but it’s popular for a reason. Here’s a tip, though: you can make it at home pretty easily and save yourself a trip..

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We’re rapidly coming up on Black Friday, the most ominous shopping day of the year. Instead of spending your Thanksgiving eve up at 3am and out in the cold waiting to snag deals on gifts, stay indoors under a warm blanket and shop online! Our Black Friday experience will be the perfect end to a wonderful day full of food and merriment. You’ll thank us later — we guarantee it! For Kitchen Lovers Everyone knows someone who loves to cook. Why not offer them a change of scenery when it comes to fresh ground pepper with the Fred & Friends Pepper Grinder Daily Grind? Each twist from this stainless-steel grinder covered in European beechwood brings a touch of pepper to a meal. For smaller wannabe chefs, teach them where their favorite food comes from with Sow & Grow: Pizza Chef...

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Another great holiday is upon us! No, it’s not Thanksgiving. It’s Sandwich day! Celebrated November 3rd, sandwich day is the perfect moment to celebrate your love for all food thats made with two slices of bread. There are some great ways you can embrace the day! 1. Try an Experimental Recipe Sandwiches are so much fun because you can literally put anything you’d like on them! People experiment all the time with sandwich recipes. Every thought of adding sauerkraut to a chicken sandwich? Or maybe you want to mix tofu and roast beef! Whatever it is that sounds delicious to you, today is the day to give it a try. The worst that happens is you don’t like it, the best thing that happens is you LOVE it! Who knows, maybe your new recipe could be the next big thing?..

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Looking for something bright and cheery to fill your kitchen space? Whether you want to pour yourself the most amazing cup of tea, make a mean drink, or decorate the counter with adorable creatures, we’ve got the perfect kitchen gadgets, tools, and beyond for any kitchen in any home. For Cooking Get cookin’ with these handy gift ideas. Lemon Squeezer and Holder: $15.19 Cute in design and easy to squeeze, this lemon holder offers storage for fruit and juice with a burst of citrus color.     Garlic Twist: $18.00 Skip garlic from the store that’s already cut and prepare fresh garlic in half the time.     Muffin Tops Baking Cups: $15.00 Don’t worry about anyone’s actual muffin top – these baking cups in the shape of tiny jeans give your best goods a sense of style.    ..

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Children are quite the fussy eaters. For them, picking up the fork and munching on their lunch is just the same as doing a chore. But how about making eating fun for them? How about sparking their delight when it comes to dinner time? Fred & Friends make eating easy with the Dinner Winner food ware! This colorful illustrated plate comes with different food portions lined up like a race track. Cover these sections with different foods; veggies, corn, beans and all the healthy stuff, and start an eating race in the family. No skipping is allowed, so the kids will be forced to munch on each and every item as quickly as possible. Wouldn’t it be nice if you see the kids voluntarily eating the food they used to avoid? With the Dinner Winner, eating will always be fun!..

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There’s a crowd of topless, stomach-bulging, denim-wearing midgets around the table and you might be wondering what they’re all about. Well, they’re not going anywhere other than your stomach. A new addition to our collection of unique gifty items, these Muffin Tops Baking Cups may just be a baker’s perfect tool for concocting a seriously tasty but ridiculously looking cupcakes to fill every hungry dessert enthusiast. Karma Kiss’ Muffin Tops are made to be filled with your secret batter. As they bake inside the oven, these denim-clad cups develop an extra “belly” in the middle, reminding one of chubby handyman who loves walking shirtless, or when dad’s own top cannot handle the mass of his own flabs. This funny gift set is perfect to give to an aspiring baker. What’s more, it’s packed with baking tips that will make your..

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Just last week we dished out a few tips in decorating your home this Halloween Season. In the same spirit of spookiness, we feel inclined to cast out a few of our Halloween spells to put some sweet, delicious treats into someone’s tongue. But we’ll be needing your help to conjure it–by that we meant “cook,” “bake,” or “put everything together”– whatever applies! These recipes are pretty easy, something you can do with your kid. Now say the magic word, and let the sweet stuff appear and disappear through the hands of the enthusiastic sweet eater! Vampire Apples (source) Oooh, these apples look as if they’re about to bite, but the only one who’s biting is you!  Punch a “mouth” into your red apples and cut out marshmallows; stick them onto the upper lip. Caramelize sugar and drip it over..

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