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“Has anybody mentioned TEA? Because that is this animal’s SPECIAL-TEA.” Please excuse the pun, but really. If you have this specie right inside your home, you cannot mention any Ts without thinking of TEA. This breed thrives in it. This breed dwells in it. And this breed swims in it as if it’s a wide-scale ocean on the horizon. We call this breed the MANATEA. This cute, pudgy little animal is your best companion for your tea-drinking session. The food-grade silicon manatee is designed to make your relaxing teatime more enjoyable by having this toy swim around your concoction as if it was its own territory. But other than becoming your drinking friend, the Tea Infuser MANATEA also gives off the right amount of flavor from the tea leaves so that you can enjoy your cup with the flavor you..

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Children are quite the fussy eaters. For them, picking up the fork and munching on their lunch is just the same as doing a chore. But how about making eating fun for them? How about sparking their delight when it comes to dinner time? Fred & Friends make eating easy with the Dinner Winner food ware! This colorful illustrated plate comes with different food portions lined up like a race track. Cover these sections with different foods; veggies, corn, beans and all the healthy stuff, and start an eating race in the family. No skipping is allowed, so the kids will be forced to munch on each and every item as quickly as possible. Wouldn’t it be nice if you see the kids voluntarily eating the food they used to avoid? With the Dinner Winner, eating will always be fun!..

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Landing on our Weekly Deals page is one of our favorite lifestyle brands, Fred & Friends!  This colorful concoction of children-themed items is a surefire way to delight kids of all ages in enjoying happy moments of growing up. Moms will definitely love the adorable products created for fun, function and fashion. There’s no Fred and Friends’ product you won’t enjoy, and having items from this brand on sale is just AWESOME! By awesome, we mean 35% off its regular price. We’d actually love you to go ahead and scan through the products on sale, grab them as soon as you can, and secure your lovely Fred & Friend item before the stocks run out. We’ve included some of your favorites (or soon-to-be ones), like: CHILL BABY ‘Stache Teether. Boys love growing a beard. And girls too, if you’re under..

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