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Today is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day! What’s this special occasion, you ask? Why, it’s a day to celebrate everything that makes you unique. What do you personally excel at? What secret expertise do you possess? Find out fun ways to celebrate your unique talent! Make a fancy drink: Perhaps your unique talent is whipping up a mean martini? The BAR10DER Cocktail Spinner will let you create all kinds of concoctions. Add your favorite ingredients, spin, and serve your perfectly mixed drink! Be a great aunt or uncle: Your little niece or nephew adores you. Maybe it’s because you bring them such awesome gifts? Keep up the tradition by getting them the Eco Snoopers Plush Backpack Rabbit, featuring a fuzzy bunny and made from eco-friendly materials. Draw a masterpiece: When you pick up a pencil, you create beautiful works of..

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As parents, you may have imagined what your kids are going to be when they grow up. For those who have girls, we want them to be forever darlings; little angels who will always have a happy disposition and are loved by everyone. We wish them to grow up as pretty as the dolls they play with, with hearts as light and hands ready to embrace us. For little men, we’d like them to be diligent, disciplined young lads, brave and courageous, smart and sincere. As much as possible, we’d like to endow them with the best skills and talents for them to grow up as the perfect sons and daughters we have always prayed for. But, of course, that’s when they turn into their teens. Our young boys soon learns to throw a punch at his classmate and becomes..

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There’s a crowd of topless, stomach-bulging, denim-wearing midgets around the table and you might be wondering what they’re all about. Well, they’re not going anywhere other than your stomach. A new addition to our collection of unique gifty items, these Muffin Tops Baking Cups may just be a baker’s perfect tool for concocting a seriously tasty but ridiculously looking cupcakes to fill every hungry dessert enthusiast. Karma Kiss’ Muffin Tops are made to be filled with your secret batter. As they bake inside the oven, these denim-clad cups develop an extra “belly” in the middle, reminding one of chubby handyman who loves walking shirtless, or when dad’s own top cannot handle the mass of his own flabs. This funny gift set is perfect to give to an aspiring baker. What’s more, it’s packed with baking tips that will make your..

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