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KarmaKiss loves kissing. It is in our name after all. In that vein, we also love Valentine’s Day. With the special day of love approaching, it is the perfect time to discover how love and KarmaKiss-ing makes the world a better place. While kissing is a great expression of love, studies have shown that there are possible health benefits as well. Kissing has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and release pain-relieving and feel-good hormones.  While you won’t lose weight kissing, you do burn a few calories every time you lock lips. And who doesn’t feel better about themselves when they get kissed by a special someone?  KarmaKiss has the perfect tangible gifting options to encourage kissing (and love) on Valentine’s Day and beyond. The chocolate-covered strawberry—a Valentine’s Day staple. Instead of having to count gifted calories, try the..

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to shop for something sweet for your sweetheart. A gift doesn’t have to be pricey or flashy — it just has to have a little heart and speak to the both of you. No matter what kind of man he is or what he’s into, here are 10 Valentine’s Day gifts he’s sure to love: Whip up a Manhattan, Martini, or another manly drink with the BAR10DER Cocktail Spinner. Get crafty with cocktails by adding ingredients, spinning, and immediately serving the ultimate mixed drink. For the paleontologist in your life, or anyone who loves dinosaurs, this handsome Brontosaurus Shelf Decor is a great conversation starter and home accoutrement. The level of detail in this amazing piece brings it from extinct to exciting! In love with an outdoorsman? Or does your partner..

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Today is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day! What’s this special occasion, you ask? Why, it’s a day to celebrate everything that makes you unique. What do you personally excel at? What secret expertise do you possess? Find out fun ways to celebrate your unique talent! Make a fancy drink: Perhaps your unique talent is whipping up a mean martini? The BAR10DER Cocktail Spinner will let you create all kinds of concoctions. Add your favorite ingredients, spin, and serve your perfectly mixed drink! Be a great aunt or uncle: Your little niece or nephew adores you. Maybe it’s because you bring them such awesome gifts? Keep up the tradition by getting them the Eco Snoopers Plush Backpack Rabbit, featuring a fuzzy bunny and made from eco-friendly materials. Draw a masterpiece: When you pick up a pencil, you create beautiful works of..

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Another great holiday is upon us! No, it’s not Thanksgiving. It’s Sandwich day! Celebrated November 3rd, sandwich day is the perfect moment to celebrate your love for all food thats made with two slices of bread. There are some great ways you can embrace the day! 1. Try an Experimental Recipe Sandwiches are so much fun because you can literally put anything you’d like on them! People experiment all the time with sandwich recipes. Every thought of adding sauerkraut to a chicken sandwich? Or maybe you want to mix tofu and roast beef! Whatever it is that sounds delicious to you, today is the day to give it a try. The worst that happens is you don’t like it, the best thing that happens is you LOVE it! Who knows, maybe your new recipe could be the next big thing?..

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There are so many ways to say “I love you.” Sometimes, it’s making him coffee early in the morning before he goes to work. Sometimes, it’s pulling out an umbrella over her so she wouldn’t get drenched under the rain. You can give her a pat on the back when she fails an exam. Or give him a good hug when he wasn’t able to get that promotion both of you have longed for. Each day, people say “I love you” to one another unconsciously. But this product is pretty much a simple but straightforward way of reminding one of your feelings. “Give it, get it.” That’s what a True Heart is for. To give love and receive love. Featuring a gold-plated pendant, this little card is enough to let anyone know how you are fond of them. The lead-and-nickle-free..

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