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The patterned “fun” tie. Soap on a rope. The dreaded Father’s Day gifts that are decades old and make dad cringe. Instead of giving the ordinary gift to dad this year, try one of our 25 Father’s Day gift suggestions and upgrade the Dad gift! From small to large, Dad appreciates everything if it comes from his favorite kid. 1. Gift enclosure card Robot :Dad loves gift cards to his favorite restaurant or building supply store. Make the simple gift card into a fun gift with the addition of our gift enclosure card robot. 2. Flash and light USB rechargeable flashlight : Need dad to light the way during a storm or while camping? Give him the easy flash and light USB rechargeable flashlight to keep in his car or toolbox. 3. Speaking of toolboxes. What dad wouldn’t love the ultimate toolbox..

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Times goes by so quickly when you become a parent. Now that I am a mother (since October 2015), the love I have for my son’s father (my husband) has evolved into a new love that I can’t quite explain. You know how I’ll explain it? By showing you guys some of the best gifts that you can give to the fathers, dads, pop pops, and men in your life that represent themselves to you as their father. What do daddies do that make us love them so much? Rock us to sleep after a bad nightmare, teach us how to mow the lawn to make some cash, and even send us off to college on a good note even though they love us so much, it can be hard to let us go. They deserve all of our love..

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When my husband is working from home or on vacation, he stops shaving for a few days. He has always hated shaving and loves the luxury of a break from the multiple-step process that interrupts his mornings. The ensuing “dot beard” (dubbed so by my daughter) is hailed as scratchy and tickly. He eventually shaves it all off but for a few days, the “beard” reigns. My 13-year-old is on the cusp of that masculine coming-of age ritual: shaving. He has eschewed the more trendy teen grooming products (Axe) and headed towards the old standard (Old Spice). Needless to say, both of the men in my life need a serious grooming product upgrade. What better time than the holiday stocking to slip more natural and great-smelling male grooming products? Men (and boys) today have many natural and innovative grooming products. The..

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1.   BBQ: The 3 most important letters in summer. Legend has it that Father’s Day was made in late-June by a dad who just wanted to get BBQ-friendly gifts. This can range from actual meat in a big cooler to mean-looking BBQ tools to turn and poke stuff with. Crown your king with this Barbeque King Apron & Oven Mitt Set.  2.    An Apple (case) for the Dad: While teachers and kids are out for the summer, dads are not. Help him measure his steps and his sleep and all other manner of fun things to measure with the ultimate dad gift: A protective case for his prized Apple products – Chocolatier Ipad Case/sleeve.   3.    Bright Lights: For the father who enjoys cycling for sport or for his healthy lifestyle. Make sure dad has something to keep him cycling safe in the night..

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Man, does the year go by ever so quickly! We’re already approaching Valentine’s Day, which is as special a holiday as any other throughout the year. We know it can be difficult to choose the right gift for your loved ones on a day where chocolates and flowers are so common. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites and thrown in others just in case. Here’s the good news, you can order your gifts right here from Karma Kiss! Take some of our advice and check out our Valentine’s Day complete gift list. For the Cat Lover (yes, we love cats.): KamkamKitty Cat Face & Tail Hoody – ME-OW! Spray some of your favorite scent on this hoody so your pooky can have a memory of you while the hoody keeps them warm. Adopt A Big Cat Gift Box –..

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to shop for something sweet for your sweetheart. A gift doesn’t have to be pricey or flashy — it just has to have a little heart and speak to the both of you. No matter what kind of man he is or what he’s into, here are 10 Valentine’s Day gifts he’s sure to love: Whip up a Manhattan, Martini, or another manly drink with the BAR10DER Cocktail Spinner. Get crafty with cocktails by adding ingredients, spinning, and immediately serving the ultimate mixed drink. For the paleontologist in your life, or anyone who loves dinosaurs, this handsome Brontosaurus Shelf Decor is a great conversation starter and home accoutrement. The level of detail in this amazing piece brings it from extinct to exciting! In love with an outdoorsman? Or does your partner..

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