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The patterned “fun” tie. Soap on a rope. The dreaded Father’s Day gifts that are decades old and make dad cringe. Instead of giving the ordinary gift to dad this year, try one of our 25 Father’s Day gift suggestions and upgrade the Dad gift! From small to large, Dad appreciates everything if it comes from his favorite kid. 1. Gift enclosure card Robot :Dad loves gift cards to his favorite restaurant or building supply store. Make the simple gift card into a fun gift with the addition of our gift enclosure card robot. 2. Flash and light USB rechargeable flashlight : Need dad to light the way during a storm or while camping? Give him the easy flash and light USB rechargeable flashlight to keep in his car or toolbox. 3. Speaking of toolboxes. What dad wouldn’t love the ultimate toolbox..

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Times goes by so quickly when you become a parent. Now that I am a mother (since October 2015), the love I have for my son’s father (my husband) has evolved into a new love that I can’t quite explain. You know how I’ll explain it? By showing you guys some of the best gifts that you can give to the fathers, dads, pop pops, and men in your life that represent themselves to you as their father. What do daddies do that make us love them so much? Rock us to sleep after a bad nightmare, teach us how to mow the lawn to make some cash, and even send us off to college on a good note even though they love us so much, it can be hard to let us go. They deserve all of our love..

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Father, Dad, Daddy, Pops, Old Man…all classic names that we have deemed to give the men in our lives who have brought us into this world. One day may not be enough to emphasize the love and appreciation we have for our fathers, but while it is still Father’s Day, sit for a second and check out these seven reasons why Karma Kiss thinks dads are the absolute best! 1. They get what they need to get done, with or without the kids. Super-Dad much? 2. Dads know how to “keep it real”, even when their daughters are growing up right before their eyes.   3. Even Darth Vader proves to be an awesome dad, contrary to popular belief! 4. Dads will literally do anything for their children. Would your dad something like this for you? 5. Dads are more than..

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Wondering what to get your dad this Father’s Day? Worry no more! Karma Kiss has you covered with an array of special gifty items your old man will surely like.  And this gets even better—we’re giving out a treat with $100 value, packed with a lot of stuffs curated specially for the ingenious, warmhearted dads whom we have always looked up as our hero. And because he’s too special to be given with something plain and ordinary, we made sure that these items are all charming, functional, and unique. Here is a great chance for you to lavish your father with joy and gratitude on this special day. Come on, give your dad a treat by joining our Karma Kiss’ Father’s Day Giveaway! Karma Kiss Father’s Day Giveaway Over $100 Worth of Stuff! You need to enable javascript to enter..

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What makes a father varies in the heart and mind of everyone who has known one or been one. Just as there are many types of dads, grandfathers, stepfathers, and fathers-in-law and so on, there are just as many ways to honor them. Choosing Father’s Day gifts for each special father figure in your life is something that takes careful thought. I thought I would share some of my favorite selections from the Karma Kiss line of unique Father’s Day Gifts.

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It is that time of year again where fathers are recognized for their contributions by those that know and love them the most. As Father’s Day approaches, what better way to show your appreciation by acknowledging it with the best Father’s Day gift possible? Fortunately, Karma Kiss is ideally suited to accommodate your needs in this regard. When it comes to finding Father’s day gift ideas that are unique, fun and affordable; there is no better place than Karma Kiss. Of course, “seeing is believing”, so take a look at just a few of the really cool products you can offer as a Father’s Day gift:

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