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Thanksgiving is coming! There’s just enough time to get the house clean, the groceries bought, and the table decorated–but don’t just throw a tablecloth on there and be done. There’s a few super easy things you can try to make your house look festive and all of your friends swear you’re the best host or hostess they know! Make It a Message You know that classic moment when everyone goes around the table and says what they’re thankful for? Sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable and it’s definitely been done. Share the spirit in a new way: create a thankfulness tree or board. Put out a small tree, corkboard, or picture holder and a stack of small note papers. If you’re feeling really crafty, cut them into leaf shapes! Invite your friends and family to write something they’re thankful for..

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Thanksgiving is on our doorstep, and if you’re looking to treat your host to something sweet or want something extra cool for your own Thanksgiving celebration, finding the perfect Thanksgiving gift just got super easy! Adirondack Coasters Save that beautiful end table from water rings and look cool doing it! With their warm fall colors and artistic animal cutout designs, this set of 4 Adirondack Coasters is a great choice for a Thanksgiving party. Get Real Solid Beechwood Salad Servers Set – Pop Art Design Looking for something that looks both classic and modern? The Get Real Solid Beachwood Salad Servers have it covered. Your Thanksgiving salad just got stepped up. Combination Safe Lock Magnetic Kitchen Timer Stick this to your oven or refrigerator and you might get a few people scratching their heads. The Combination Safe Lock Magnetic Kitchen..

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Let’s be honest about it. When Thanksgiving rolls around, how many of us are reflective of the reasons that this honored day is celebrated? Sure, we enjoy the turkey, the football games and even the company of our loved ones. But in addition to the revelry, this celebration is also about being appreciative (thankful!) of the blessings in our lives. With this, when you think about it, one of the best ways you can show your thankfulness, especially towards loved ones, is with a small gift of some kind. While Christmas and birthdays are more readily associated with gift giving, there is no reason that Thanksgiving has to be an exception to the rule. As such, here are a few gifting tips that will make the occasion a successful one. Gift cards A gift doesn’t have to be elaborate. A..

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The year has turned its circle, The seasons come and go. The harvest all is gathered in And chilly north winds blow. Orchards have shared their treasures, The fields, their yellow grain, So open wide the doorway Thanksgiving comes again! – Author Unknown From the whole staff of Karma Kiss, we give you, our valued readers and customers, our loving appreciation for continually supporting us throughout the years. Thank you for making us your #1 resource for all unique and gifty finds!  Thank you for being our inspiration in looking for products with creativity and quality in mind. Thank you for allowing our items to dwell into your shelves, desktops, kitchens, and bedrooms. We’re thankful for you. In behalf of the whole team, do let me send you our deepest gratitude. It’s a joy to provide you amazing items from..

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Are you excited for Thanksgiving? We sure are! There’s so many things going on with just one celebration, and it’s amazing how anticipating for this day brings in so much excitement and joy. Before you start searching for the perfect turkey and whip up your favorite pumpkin pie, let’s take time to look at how this celebration all began, and how people all over the country enjoys this festivity. We’ve managed to unearth an infographic to delight your minds and hearts as we set off with another bountiful Thursday Thanksgiving feast with our family and friends. Provided by Nationwide Bank

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Thanksgiving is the best time for families to gather together, catch up on each other, and fill the home with everyone’s joy and warmth once more. As this dear season approaches, it’s nice to think of something to give your host, or your family, something they can remember. Show them how you appreciate their kindness and companionship—and there are many ways to do so. It is just proper to bring something for the host family of every Thanksgiving event, but that does not mean you have to give something pricey. Any token of gratitude is enough to show them you care, and there are different items you can give as gifts. This includes: A basket of Autumn fruits for the occasion A bouquet of flowers for the host A box of chocolates—there’s always someone in the house who loves sweets..

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