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It’s awfully easy to stress yourself out about the way your house looks, from cleanliness to decor, and one of the more challenging spaces can be your children’s rooms. You want them to be functional (read: easy to clean) but still look cool, both for them and anyone else who hangs out there. The best way to solve both problems is to keep decor simple, but super fun, unique, and cool. Check out some of these great options for new ideas: Animals If you have a kiddo that’s into animals, there are plenty of great gifts, from the Blue Dachsund Shelf Decor to the Nightlight Woodlands Bunny or the Penguin Bank. It doesn’t stop there: sharks, bears, cats–you can find any number of perfect choices for your child. Nature Create your very own nature scene right in your child’s room!..

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There’s something wonderful about coming home, curling up on the couch with your favorite book or starting a movie, a soft pillow supporting you as you slip away into a fantasy… Oh, c’mon, even if all you do is fall asleep five minutes later, you know that pillow is where it’s at. Most of the time you set it out to look nice for your friends, but when it’s there you’re definitely going to use it. And you should!  Surya Decorative Pillows If you’re looking for something that fits on all levels: looks both trendy and classic, elegant and fun, you’ll find it in these pillows. From the Life Is Beautiful typographic pillow pictured above to the Bright Sunflower or Halo designs, you can find one that fits your home perfectly. Hipster Throw Pillow If funny, tongue-in-cheek humor is your..

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Okay, all right, DON’T PANIC. We’re in the holiday home stretch, but it’s not too late. With some quick thinking, thoughtful shopping, and some creative shipping options, you can still get the right gift for the right person at the right price. Talk about a triple threat!   Under $10 The 4-in1 Pen Multi Function Tool is a lot of functionality in a small package, and perfect for the handy person in your life, putting whatever they need right there at their fingertips. Decorations like the Dear Santa Stocking Ornament add a festive touch to any home, and you can find several different designs so that you know anyone you buy one for will be happy. For the strong, inspirational person you know, the simple but lovely Pretty Moon Necklaces look nice and come with a message. Under $25 The Cupcake Express Baking..

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Thanksgiving is coming! There’s just enough time to get the house clean, the groceries bought, and the table decorated–but don’t just throw a tablecloth on there and be done. There’s a few super easy things you can try to make your house look festive and all of your friends swear you’re the best host or hostess they know! Make It a Message You know that classic moment when everyone goes around the table and says what they’re thankful for? Sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable and it’s definitely been done. Share the spirit in a new way: create a thankfulness tree or board. Put out a small tree, corkboard, or picture holder and a stack of small note papers. If you’re feeling really crafty, cut them into leaf shapes! Invite your friends and family to write something they’re thankful for..

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Recycled, made in the USA from beginning to end, and full of sass and class – Those are just a few reason why we like Alexandra Ferguson’s simple and chic pillows and bags. She didn’t just make it easy for people around the world to get their hands on eco-friendly made décor, she’s opened up the door for folks to step up and follow their conviction to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Likableness # 1 WTF Pillow – Don’t be afraid to say it out loud, and in color. On the other hand, if you’re in an environment that requires you to be quiet, just throw up this pillow and scream into it if necessary.   Likableness # 2 BREATHE Pillow – Perfect for yoga sessions, or for a couch that needs some relaxing encouragement. If you ever feel the need to..

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If there’s anything that should be highlighted within your shelves, it has to be the books. Books are as interesting as the people who reads them; they contain stories, facts, figures and wisdom that we all need to inspire and inform us throughout our lives. Some of them are worthy to be re-read every once in a while, to bring back a feeling of nostalgia. Some books, on the other hand, are left on the most ignored part of the shelf simply because they are too complex for us to understand. We all have our favorite titles and authors, and reading helps the mind and the heart to grow. It’s no wonder that our shelves become fully stacked with different kinds of reads we purchase from the store. Now, we don’t want to make our shelves look dull and lifeless,..

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Landing fresh on the Karma Kiss’ Spring 2014 shore is Surya, a vertically-integrated manufacturer of home accessories. It has been around for more than 35 years, with its brand associated with luxury products created with high quality craftsmanship and innovation. Where it all began When the Federated Group, now known as Macy’s, went to visit India to discover handmade products for its stores, Surya Tiwari made a bold approach at the prospect. The Indian teacher in the village of Ugapur has become a businessman, helping his countrymen creating lavish, decorative products for the home that can be sold all over the US. Surya managed to start with a small launch, but his products captured the eyes of many retailers abroad that he gained more patrons. The Surya brand was created in 1976 and has now expanded into a full-blown brand..

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Whenever the season changes into another whole new one, the best thing to welcome it is to make changes in the home and make it feel appropriate for the weather. Now that the climate is slowly turning from the hot and bright summer to the crisp and drafty autumn, it’s time to make a few touches in your home and let the new season be your inspiration. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be big or extravagant. We’re giving you a few tips on how to decorate the home this fall season, the Karma Kiss Style! Work with the wood. Autumn is more emphasized by using warm woody decorations accentuated with golden and red backdrops. And nothing can make your home feel Autumn-like by putting a little bit (or more!) wood in your interiors. We recommend the perennial favorite, Tree..

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