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If there’s anything that should be highlighted within your shelves, it has to be the books. Books are as interesting as the people who reads them; they contain stories, facts, figures and wisdom that we all need to inspire and inform us throughout our lives. Some of them are worthy to be re-read every once in a while, to bring back a feeling of nostalgia. Some books, on the other hand, are left on the most ignored part of the shelf simply because they are too complex for us to understand. We all have our favorite titles and authors, and reading helps the mind and the heart to grow. It’s no wonder that our shelves become fully stacked with different kinds of reads we purchase from the store. Now, we don’t want to make our shelves look dull and lifeless,..

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For most kids, books are unfortunately tedious and boring stuffs that they have to live with. Getting through a story can be a challenge, especially with the many texts covering a page without a single, happy illustration. Well, Karma Kiss understands not all kids are bookworms, but we could give them a proper head start by giving them tales that will inspire them to read. Karma Kiss’ collection of Hello Books is perfect for the children who aren’t much interested in words. In these pages, we’re replacing the normal text into a plain canvass where kids can use their imagination and create their own stories. Young minds will be honed to draft a personalized adventure, all equipped with the characters and foes, even settings, to have them furnish their own book. This way, they don’t have to be scared reading..

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