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No teacher wants more random hand lotion. Or another mug. Or anything that says Teacher on it. To impress your teacher, we have compiled some fun KarmaKiss gifts for you to give to your favorite teacher. Gift cards are always a popular teacher option. Add one to their favorite store in our Peace and Love Mighty Wallet.  Teacher always balancing their phone? The Flex and Hold Mobile Phone Mount lets them keep their phone at their desk in the go position.  After school ends each day, your teacher may need some recovery and down time. Send home the gift of the Spa and Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear, and you might just move to the head of the class when your relaxed and renewed teacher returns.  Have an extra fun science teacher with a sense of humor? Gift them our FCTRY..

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KarmaKiss is the best place for innovative and unique backpacks that you might not find anywhere else. From bubbles to spikes to practical, check out our countdown of the top 10 backpacks for back-to-school and beyond. Backpack number one won’t just blow by anyone. The Madpax Dinosaur Spikes Half Backpack Streamer features signature Madpax spikes with a functional inside that holds everything a kid needs for a new school year. Preschoolers need the Eco Snoopers Plush Backpack Rabbit to make them feel like big kids with a proportional level of storage–all made extra fun with the whimsical Eco Snoopers rabbit on board.  Love purple? Madpax does it again with their Madpax Bubble Full Backpack Slurple. With signature Madpax bubbles and a vibrant purple exterior, this backpack makes an entrance and an exit but keeps shoulders comfortable with padded, adjustable straps. ..

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Ah, it’s that time of the year again when kids flock back to school, their bags on their backs while parents see them off (some with tears in their eyes). You can be one of the two: the child that is sent off into a new year of education, or the parent that is sighing, “My, how fast these kids grow up!” As the summer vacation comes to a close, it’s about time to arm yourself, and your kids, with some nice accessories they will be using for the whole year. Don’t worry. Karma Kiss has you covered. From bags to the tiny bits of accessories (lip balms, anyone), you’ll find everything right inside our store. We’ll never run out of the good stuff Need some courage as you go into battling with Algebra and History? Maybe picking up a..

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A group of strange creatures just invaded Karma Kiss, and they’re wild, willful and wonderfully soft. Each of them are endowed with individual characteristics, colors and patches, making them an adorable companion for your little one. Wearing a bag has never been so much fun until the Eco Snoopers came around, a league of plush companions that doubles as a backpack and inspire users to think about the environment. How about that for a gift? Each Eco Snooper comes with a detachable, hug-able friend to be carried around for your kid’s comfort. Getting restless during a long travel? Give him this playmate and he’ll never feel lonely. The plush bag has adjustable straps and zippered compartments for those secret spaces. Also, the interiors are easy to clean; just wipe the mess and you’re good to go. Every animal has a..

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Kids love dreaming big. They get their ideas from the things they see which inspire them; teachers, doctors, policemen, and of course, superheroes. Every kid dreams to become someone great, someone who can save people and someone who can change the world. Now, giving them superpowers may sound impossible, but allowing them to be covered in the full hero garb is easy with the SuperMe Hero Bubblicious Backpack. This bag is well equipped with your child’s superhero costume changing needs when he/she needs to go undercover! It comes with a cape, an eye-mask and a patch. It comes in three color varieties: Pink, Red and Black. SuperMe Hero Bubblicious Backpack With Cape Features: Superhero cape discretely hidden in an easily accessible stow pocket. Matching eye mask to complete the look when wearing the cape. Shield-shaped Velcro to attach any emblem..

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If there’s anything that should be highlighted within your shelves, it has to be the books. Books are as interesting as the people who reads them; they contain stories, facts, figures and wisdom that we all need to inspire and inform us throughout our lives. Some of them are worthy to be re-read every once in a while, to bring back a feeling of nostalgia. Some books, on the other hand, are left on the most ignored part of the shelf simply because they are too complex for us to understand. We all have our favorite titles and authors, and reading helps the mind and the heart to grow. It’s no wonder that our shelves become fully stacked with different kinds of reads we purchase from the store. Now, we don’t want to make our shelves look dull and lifeless,..

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Looking for something dandy to store your cash in? You’re in luck! Karma Kiss brings you the niftiest, dandiest collection of wallets from Tyvek, a brand known for its nicely printed paper wallets for the cool consumers. Check out our collection of Tyvek wallets and find the perfect print to match your personality! The BITCOIN Tyvek Wallet – Paperwallet Pattern Edition features a retro face print from the inside out. Almost, if not everything, is Made in China. This paperwallet blatantly says so! The GALAXY Tyvek Wallet – Paperwallet Pattern Edition is perfect for the chic fashionista who is always looking at the stars. How about some florals? Put some Hype in it with this printed wallet. Add a dash of Aztec print with this Tyvek design. This is an artist edition of Matacho; a one-of-a-kind design fit for a one-of-a-kind friend!..

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Fresh into Karma Kiss’ new items is Baggu, a brand who infuses style with eco-friendly products. Baggu produces a cheerful collection of knapsacks, backpacks and tote bags made out of recycled cotton canvass. What makes these bags interesting is that they’re all splashed with vibrant colors and fun designs. Baggu items are perfect to use for casual occasions and they can make any outfit look fun and fashionable. A backpack is a handy bag that everyone from every age can make use of. This is a practical container frees your hands from carrying bulky items. There’s no need for you to lug around with your hands full of objects; just put them all inside this spacious, stylish bag. Your Baggu bag can store: Piles of books Clothes A 13” laptop Other stuff you can fill it with Special compartments are..

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