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Looking for something dandy to store your cash in? You’re in luck! Karma Kiss brings you the niftiest, dandiest collection of wallets from Tyvek, a brand known for its nicely printed paper wallets for the cool consumers. Check out our collection of Tyvek wallets and find the perfect print to match your personality! The BITCOIN Tyvek Wallet – Paperwallet Pattern Edition features a retro face print from the inside out. Almost, if not everything, is Made in China. This paperwallet blatantly says so! The GALAXY Tyvek Wallet – Paperwallet Pattern Edition is perfect for the chic fashionista who is always looking at the stars. How about some florals? Put some Hype in it with this printed wallet. Add a dash of Aztec print with this Tyvek design. This is an artist edition of Matacho; a one-of-a-kind design fit for a one-of-a-kind friend!..

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