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It’s a new year and maybe your resolutions involved focusing on yourself a little more. If they didn’t–well, maybe they should! When you feel good about yourself, it has a trickle down affect that impacts the people around you, too! Treat yourself to a massage, a sleep mask, or a manicure. Take some time for yourself and everyone will benefit. Fresh Faces Your face is the first thing you see in the mirror, and you deserve to feel fresh and rejuvenated! Plush Peepers Owl Mask is adorable, but it’s also a great way to get some much-needed shut eye. Slide on your mask and shut out the world around you to get the best rest you can. A fun lip gloss can make your morning and get a smile from the people around you, too. To try: Boo Boo Patch..

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The little details make your overall fashion appear stylish or sloppy. Accessories like belts are important in mixing and matching colors, as well as keeping your bottoms stay in place. It could be quite fussy to find the right belt to suit your needs, but here in Karma Kiss, we’ve uncovered a brand that will give you a tasteful style as well as a functional item you can personalize. Introducing the Winky Plastic Recyclable Belts. It comes in many modish colors which can match any personality and palette. Offering waterproof characteristics, it is made out of recyclable plastic and is hypoallergenic; perfect for those with sensitive skin. The belt features a toothed plastic buckle that is both trendy and useful for keeping the strap in place. One thing we like about this belt is that it fits all sizes. That’s..

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Have you seen our Weekly Deals tab? Well, it’s about time you do! Currently, we’re holding an exclusive bag sale featuring the co-friendly brand, Baggu. Buying this bag gives you an opportunity to support the remnants of our Mother Nature, but it doesn’t mean that it’s an obviously refurbished item with shabby designs. Baggu is definitely not that; in fact, it’s so sleek, clean and stylish you’d never suspect it’s actually environment-inspired! We love Baggu bags because they’re smart, versatile and just simply awesome. The bags featured in Karma Kiss are made of recycled cotton canvass so you can be sure to have a strong yet comfortable storage for your items. You don’t have to lug around with flimsy handles and straps; Baggu is made out of durable materials and are adjustable for your comfort. Because they’re created with the..

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Looking for something dandy to store your cash in? You’re in luck! Karma Kiss brings you the niftiest, dandiest collection of wallets from Tyvek, a brand known for its nicely printed paper wallets for the cool consumers. Check out our collection of Tyvek wallets and find the perfect print to match your personality! The BITCOIN Tyvek Wallet – Paperwallet Pattern Edition features a retro face print from the inside out. Almost, if not everything, is Made in China. This paperwallet blatantly says so! The GALAXY Tyvek Wallet – Paperwallet Pattern Edition is perfect for the chic fashionista who is always looking at the stars. How about some florals? Put some Hype in it with this printed wallet. Add a dash of Aztec print with this Tyvek design. This is an artist edition of Matacho; a one-of-a-kind design fit for a one-of-a-kind friend!..

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A little token of love, light and life, Karma Kiss’ Seeds Necklace is charming accessory you can give your loved one this season. Featuring brightly colored beads, the necklace has a minimalistic appeal that matches any style. It adds the right touch of elegance, emphasizing the wearer’s beauty more than any flashy accessory. Give a string or two of these accessories and let them feel your appreciation with a beautiful jewelry. The Seeds Necklace comes with a nickel-free sterling silver plate chain. Buy this item on Karma Kiss>>

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Fresh into Karma Kiss’ new items is Baggu, a brand who infuses style with eco-friendly products. Baggu produces a cheerful collection of knapsacks, backpacks and tote bags made out of recycled cotton canvass. What makes these bags interesting is that they’re all splashed with vibrant colors and fun designs. Baggu items are perfect to use for casual occasions and they can make any outfit look fun and fashionable. A backpack is a handy bag that everyone from every age can make use of. This is a practical container frees your hands from carrying bulky items. There’s no need for you to lug around with your hands full of objects; just put them all inside this spacious, stylish bag. Your Baggu bag can store: Piles of books Clothes A 13” laptop Other stuff you can fill it with Special compartments are..

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Summer time is the perfect season for the kids to go out and play with their friends, go on camping, or travel around with their parents and learn more of they things they can’t when inside school. During a day at the park or a trip inside the family car, children can’t help but go thirsty and hungry. Of course, as a parent, you’d want to make sure that they can enjoy good food and drinks even while they’re out. So keep their packed drinks cool during this hot summer to quench their thirst—one perfect way to do that is to keep their snacks inside this cute and nifty little bag. Karma Kiss’ Purple Dandelion Small Cooler Bag is a perfect companion for children going out into the great outdoors in this warm weather. While it appears to be small,..

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