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Ah, it’s that time of the year again when kids flock back to school, their bags on their backs while parents see them off (some with tears in their eyes). You can be one of the two: the child that is sent off into a new year of education, or the parent that is sighing, “My, how fast these kids grow up!” As the summer vacation comes to a close, it’s about time to arm yourself, and your kids, with some nice accessories they will be using for the whole year. Don’t worry. Karma Kiss has you covered. From bags to the tiny bits of accessories (lip balms, anyone), you’ll find everything right inside our store. We’ll never run out of the good stuff Need some courage as you go into battling with Algebra and History? Maybe picking up a..

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“Long before they go to school, before they even know the alphabet, children begin to write.” This is according to the children’s literacy advocate Reading Is Fundamental (RIF.Org). Whenever they manage to get their hands on a pen or a pencil, it is their instinct to somehow place it against something and just wield it like an expert. RIF reveals that these scribbles have meaning to them, despite us not knowing it! And this performance leads to many benefits, despite having our walls drawn with so many crayon circles. Kids who are encouraged to write early will learn to use their pen more confidently as they are enrolled from school. This boosts their creativity and intelligence, and who wouldn’t want their kids to be brainy? There are a lot of ways for us to motivate children on how to write...

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Did you know that your handwriting tells something about your personality? Graphology is the study of handwriting, and it analyses the lines, directions, curves and weight of your penmanship to discover who you are. But did you know that your pen speaks about you too? Well, not the ordinary pens… The pens from Karma Kiss’ collection definitely tells something about its user. If you’re wondering how, take a look at this blog post, and you may discover a pen or two to describe you! If you have an inclination towards repair and practical upkeep, then this set of pens is definitely for you! The Hand Tool Pens – Set Of 4 is perfect for the handyman who knows how to solve any household problem. It’s easy to spot these mechanical geniuses—as a little child, they’re imagining to repair a chair..

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