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Kids love dreaming big. They get their ideas from the things they see which inspire them; teachers, doctors, policemen, and of course, superheroes. Every kid dreams to become someone great, someone who can save people and someone who can change the world. Now, giving them superpowers may sound impossible, but allowing them to be covered in the full hero garb is easy with the SuperMe Hero Bubblicious Backpack. This bag is well equipped with your child’s superhero costume changing needs when he/she needs to go undercover! It comes with a cape, an eye-mask and a patch. It comes in three color varieties: Pink, Red and Black. SuperMe Hero Bubblicious Backpack With Cape Features: Superhero cape discretely hidden in an easily accessible stow pocket. Matching eye mask to complete the look when wearing the cape. Shield-shaped Velcro to attach any emblem..

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