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For any longtime Karma Kiss fan, going through our catalog can be an excitingly overwhelming experience. We are aware that your ‘add to wishlist’ button is on a flutter whenever you spot something cool in our store. It’s our pleasure to give you a treat or two by connecting you with some of the best gifty brands there is. Karma Kiss is proud to have these items in our catalogue, but mostly, proud to have you as our regular customer! In this post, we bring you the most-loved 10 items in our store. With a lot of items featured and added daily in our Karma Kiss database, it’s really hard to pick a favorite. So how did we came up with our Top 10 bestseller, you may ask? Well, we based it on the sales, product views, social feedbacks and..

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We know that our Karma Kiss readers are creative in one way or another. Perhaps that’s why you’re here in the first place; to find something novel, unique and creative. And because we want you to enjoy your stay, we’re sharing some tips and resources you can use for your own Halloween party this year! All these sites offer free digital items such as fonts, cliparts and templates you can download and enjoy with your kids. Spark up that artsy person in you and fire away with your Halloween crafting with these goodies: Spooky Invites Calling for your league of ghoulish guests this coming Halloween? Why not give them a charming invite to signify of your spooky soiree? Download this nifty editable Halloween Party Invites from Love Vs. Design, stock up on thick paper cards, and print away. You can..

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Just last week we dished out a few tips in decorating your home this Halloween Season. In the same spirit of spookiness, we feel inclined to cast out a few of our Halloween spells to put some sweet, delicious treats into someone’s tongue. But we’ll be needing your help to conjure it–by that we meant “cook,” “bake,” or “put everything together”– whatever applies! These recipes are pretty easy, something you can do with your kid. Now say the magic word, and let the sweet stuff appear and disappear through the hands of the enthusiastic sweet eater! Vampire Apples (source) Oooh, these apples look as if they’re about to bite, but the only one who’s biting is you!  Punch a “mouth” into your red apples and cut out marshmallows; stick them onto the upper lip. Caramelize sugar and drip it over..

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It’s a spooky season of hoots and boos as Halloween comes drawing near. The children—and adults—love to dress up this season to scare everybody out of their wits, or to get a nice handful of candy. Whichever you prefer, we know that Halloween is supposed to be celebrated with fun and enjoyment, especially with the family. As the event draws near, why not decorate your home with a frighteningly fashionable set of luminaries as your way of joining in the festivities? The smartest way you can do is to light up your home with Halloween inspired luminaries! Have your kids come and help you to create a nice bonding moment with an art activity! Milk Monster (source) What you’ll need: Markers, Old Milk Jugs, Tea Lights Create a spooky white league of ghouls out of your old milk jugs with..

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Here is one fantastic paper project for your kids to enjoy! The Happy Paper Toys are a series of self-assembly projects which combines children’s book designs and 2-dimensional cutouts. Take away those scissors, each item can be easily popped out of their pages. All you need is a clear glue, a string, and a lot of patience! Parents can help out with their little youngins aged 4-10, while kids 10+ can handle the challenge by themselves. There’s a fun, comic-styled instructions available per each set, in case of queries! The finished item can be used as a beautiful décor to be placed on shelves, hung on mobiles, or play it up with other paper-made toys!     Buy this and other similar items on Karma Kiss!

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For most kids, books are unfortunately tedious and boring stuffs that they have to live with. Getting through a story can be a challenge, especially with the many texts covering a page without a single, happy illustration. Well, Karma Kiss understands not all kids are bookworms, but we could give them a proper head start by giving them tales that will inspire them to read. Karma Kiss’ collection of Hello Books is perfect for the children who aren’t much interested in words. In these pages, we’re replacing the normal text into a plain canvass where kids can use their imagination and create their own stories. Young minds will be honed to draft a personalized adventure, all equipped with the characters and foes, even settings, to have them furnish their own book. This way, they don’t have to be scared reading..

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