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The same way you know what–and where–the best items in your pantry or closet are, Karma Kiss Staffers know their gifts! Here’s a chance for this sneaky little trick, using their knowledge to find the perfect gift. Alchemy Goods Madison Backpack – Tint of Mint Okay, so there’s a lot of stuff you get stuck carrying around. Sometimes it’s your stuff, sometimes it’s everybody else’s (right, Mom, Dad?). If you have to carry it all anyway, you might as well do it in style, and this cool, smart Alchemy Goods Backpack turns it way up. Bon Voyage! Travel Coasters Have a friend that loves to travel or would love a fun splash of color in their kitchen or dining room? The Bon Voyage Coasters come in a set of 4 and are packaged in a unique gift box. Their bright colors and fun designs are sure to..

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Rich, lovely hues of blue will always be a part of our summer season. There’s the blue sky, the blue sea, the blue things which keep our eyes cool whenever the sun gets so bright. Blue is somehow a part of everyone’s favorite colors. Here in Karma Kiss, that is a fact; we’ve got dozens of bluish items that will keep your summer cool! Below, we’re listing down some of our favorite items in the color of the sky and sea. Whatever kind of blue you love, we’re sure to have them right here in our store. Check out these products! Blue Dachshund Shelf Decor. Ah, dog days! If you’re a canine lover, this is definitely going to be favorite part of your bookshelf. It can be used as a book stand or just a décor on its own. Just..

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From the amazing all-in-1 Bartending tool BAR10DER comes another product that will surely make put you on the party’s spotlight. Introducing the BAR10DER Cocktail Spinner, a uniquely designed tool that will aid you in becoming that oh-so-awesome barista. The one to two serving tumblr comes with: A 20-ounce container in clear BPA-free plastic, A built-in strainer to take the pulp off from your fruity chills A drip-free pouring spout so you don’t have to be scared of spills What makes us love this item: You get to concoct drinks at your own leisure, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. There’s no need for you to go to the nearest bar to grab a good margarita! If you grab this item, it’ll be good to purchase the BAR10DER tool too! These two goes hand in hand with each other, making drinks and cocktails more..

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It’s not so surprising that the men in our lives are always among the hardest to shop for, especially when it comes to Christmas gifts. Unlike women, men can be so secretive about what they want. They might have gone out and purchased whatever they liked throughout the year, such as investing in power tools or gadgets. Or what they really longed for really needs some long-term investment, like a new car. It’s hard to choose presents for them, especially when you’re not sure. However, there are some things you can do to guarantee that the present you’ll buy will hit your man’s soft spot. Take cues from their hobbies and interests. Thinking outside the box will definitely surprise them in a positive way, and you can enjoy bequeathing a lovely present for him to remember of you. You’re just..

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For any longtime Karma Kiss fan, going through our catalog can be an excitingly overwhelming experience. We are aware that your ‘add to wishlist’ button is on a flutter whenever you spot something cool in our store. It’s our pleasure to give you a treat or two by connecting you with some of the best gifty brands there is. Karma Kiss is proud to have these items in our catalogue, but mostly, proud to have you as our regular customer! In this post, we bring you the most-loved 10 items in our store. With a lot of items featured and added daily in our Karma Kiss database, it’s really hard to pick a favorite. So how did we came up with our Top 10 bestseller, you may ask? Well, we based it on the sales, product views, social feedbacks and..

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Thanksgiving is the best time for families to gather together, catch up on each other, and fill the home with everyone’s joy and warmth once more. As this dear season approaches, it’s nice to think of something to give your host, or your family, something they can remember. Show them how you appreciate their kindness and companionship—and there are many ways to do so. It is just proper to bring something for the host family of every Thanksgiving event, but that does not mean you have to give something pricey. Any token of gratitude is enough to show them you care, and there are different items you can give as gifts. This includes: A basket of Autumn fruits for the occasion A bouquet of flowers for the host A box of chocolates—there’s always someone in the house who loves sweets..

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Are you a drink enthusiast? A wine connoisseur? A jiggle and juggle hopeful who will soon enter the world of bartending? Or are you just an ordinary homeowner who wants to make life easier for everyone, even if it is just pulling out the cork? Either ways, BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool is something that will fit your pocket and your wallet for an enjoyable wine consumption. Check out this post and discover what else you can do with this nifty little tool. From a brand known to produce all-in-one bartending essentials, the BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool is an all around utensil that will make practical drinking more convenient. It fits comfortably in your hand and delivers a multipurpose application for any drinking problem. You can display your skills as the host of your own bar with this little..

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