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It’s not so surprising that the men in our lives are always among the hardest to shop for, especially when it comes to Christmas gifts. Unlike women, men can be so secretive about what they want. They might have gone out and purchased whatever they liked throughout the year, such as investing in power tools or gadgets. Or what they really longed for really needs some long-term investment, like a new car. It’s hard to choose presents for them, especially when you’re not sure. However, there are some things you can do to guarantee that the present you’ll buy will hit your man’s soft spot. Take cues from their hobbies and interests. Thinking outside the box will definitely surprise them in a positive way, and you can enjoy bequeathing a lovely present for him to remember of you. You’re just..

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Karma Kiss, the place for all gifty things imagined, is also the home of many novel brands creating unique items for fun, form and function. With an eye for humor and taste, we at Karma Kiss have been curating products since 1991, teaming up with innovative names who have set themselves apart in the novelty, decor and apparel industry. Our aim is to connect you to these one-of-a-kind makers in order for you to enjoy your presents in the most pleasurable way possible. So who’s taking part in the current Karma Kiss goody database? We can only name a few. Alchemy Goods, for one, creates unique bags out of extraordinary materials (make a guess, and you’d be delighted to know the answer). Coaster Stone is a maker of fun, practical coasters that melds wonderful illustration into functional homeware. Mad Pax..

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If you’re a longtime fan of Karma Kiss, you are probably aware that we are a story dedicated to the enjoyment of our customers as well as utmost care for our environment. We have a product section consist of specialized materials that are legitimately eco-friendly and are borne out of love for Mother Earth. Our latest addition is a collection of handsomely crafted messenger bags created by a brand known as Alchemy Goods. Alchemy Goods started out in a mishap. It all started out when the owner’s messenger bag got stolen, and there was no other bags proper enough to replace the former. Taking inspiration from the adagio “necessity is the mother of invention,” the first prototype was created out of extra bike inner tubes. And from there, everything was elevated into a bigger demand. With local bike shops helping..

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