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Recycled, made in the USA from beginning to end, and full of sass and class – Those are just a few reason why we like Alexandra Ferguson’s simple and chic pillows and bags. She didn’t just make it easy for people around the world to get their hands on eco-friendly made décor, she’s opened up the door for folks to step up and follow their conviction to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Likableness # 1 WTF Pillow – Don’t be afraid to say it out loud, and in color. On the other hand, if you’re in an environment that requires you to be quiet, just throw up this pillow and scream into it if necessary.   Likableness # 2 BREATHE Pillow – Perfect for yoga sessions, or for a couch that needs some relaxing encouragement. If you ever feel the need to..

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A star consistently shining under the winter sky is this ambient lamp from Artecnica. Dubbed as the Starlightz, this decorative fixture is a splash of neon and classic vibe, adding an unusual radiance to any space. Handcrafted and eco-friendly, it’s the perfect item to spark up your room or desk into something more magical. Kaleidoscopic lights are emitted from the star-shaped lamp when a halogen bulb is turned on. Starlightz is 100% burn proof; there’s no need to be scared about having this item burned and scorched over long periods of use. The material is wood-free and is hand-made in India. What’s more, it’s UL listed and is GS-marked for safety. The product comes in a flat pack and can be easily assembled by any user. See the video below and watch this item put together:  

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No more boring desktop for you, with these wooden and witty companions. When work becomes too much and you need time to refresh, having leisure items next to you definitely helps. Take your time off your load and get an intelligent recharge with handy puzzles that will not only prove you’re a genius, but an environment friendly advocate as well! Toss away your old, toxic plastic toys and grab these Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles from Karma Kiss. Enjoy the bamboo’s smooth wooden finish with the knowledge that these items are produced without harming the earth or taking a chunk from its already depleting resources. The Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles are created from renewable bamboo, with innovative shapes that will fit on your grip and get your creative juices flowing. The collection features different levels of difficulty ranging from 1 to five, and..

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Something fun, earth-friendly, and costs only $10? Yes, we’ve got your gifty green needs covered here at Karma Kiss, and it does not punch a hole in your budget. With just $10, you are sure to find something wonderful and Eco-worthy in our store. Not only are you buying something unique for a loved one, but you are also making a pleasing contribution in preserving our natural resources.

Today, we’re listing down exciting and Eco-friendly items under $10 that environment lovers can enjoy! Come and take a look at our collection:

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