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I’m Hannah and I write for The Hip Horticulturist blog for online shed retailer Tiger Sheds. I write about all sorts of different topics but one of my favourite things to discuss is how our customers can transform their sheds. Recently we produced a post focusing on how people can reinvent their shed for 2016 and within this post I mentioned a Karma Kiss product, Toadstool table & Stool Set, as a way people can reinvent their décor. I just love this product and I think it would make any garden look like a dream! So after having a good look through the Karma Kiss website we came across so many more products that would make a perfect gift for people who love their garden and nature! Maybe you have a birthday or special occasion coming up for your wife,..

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Recycled, made in the USA from beginning to end, and full of sass and class – Those are just a few reason why we like Alexandra Ferguson’s simple and chic pillows and bags. She didn’t just make it easy for people around the world to get their hands on eco-friendly made décor, she’s opened up the door for folks to step up and follow their conviction to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Likableness # 1 WTF Pillow – Don’t be afraid to say it out loud, and in color. On the other hand, if you’re in an environment that requires you to be quiet, just throw up this pillow and scream into it if necessary.   Likableness # 2 BREATHE Pillow – Perfect for yoga sessions, or for a couch that needs some relaxing encouragement. If you ever feel the need to..

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Walk away from the stress-filled city and step into a woodland wonderland, right in your very own home. Inspired from the magical logs borne out of fairy tales, the Woodland Tree Table & Stump Stools Set gives you a feeling that you have entered a wonderland. Sitting on the miniature log stools makes you feel as if an elf is about to pop out any minute, or a fairy will appear from one of the flowers in your garden. Unicorns and other mystical, magical creatures will start parading in your imagination, sweeping the tensions and anxiety of the real world away. It’s a nice thing to have an inspired corner for a getaway, and a minute of relaxation will do you good. This Woodland set is made from stone resin and will last different seasons (for winter, you’d want to put..

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It’s not a secret that the Earth is slowly changing; to be specific, degrading. We’ve heard all about it in the news: climate change, greenhouse gasses, and the gradual depletion of the natural resources we have forgotten to replenish over time. The sad stories of earthquakes, tsunamis, harsh storms and surprisingly strange weather occurrences are becoming more and more common. But there’s still hope. If we could change some of the ways we were accustomed to, we might get to live in a planet where there are less threats and more comfort, especially for the future generation. Karma Kiss celebrates Earth Day, and as we head on to a new season, we may perhaps take a handful from these reminders and contribute to the Earth’s well-being. We have listed 10 (taken from the many) smart ways to ease energy consumption..

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We all like double-duty things. For one, it saves us a few bucks for buying another item a particular product can cleverly perform. Two, it saves us from the hours of finding two different equipments because this one solves all our needs. It’s really nice to hit two birds with one stone, as an adage goes. Lucky for you, Karma Kiss has gathered all the strange and unique items that works two ways or more even, depending on your creativity. This one is no exception. The Get Real Solid Beechwood Coffee Scoop & Clip is a lovely kitchen helper that will help you ease on your coffee and condiments, and works best to seal them crisp and safe after opening. The beechwood material is honed with various images that makes it decorative as well as functional. And because Karma Kiss..

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A star consistently shining under the winter sky is this ambient lamp from Artecnica. Dubbed as the Starlightz, this decorative fixture is a splash of neon and classic vibe, adding an unusual radiance to any space. Handcrafted and eco-friendly, it’s the perfect item to spark up your room or desk into something more magical. Kaleidoscopic lights are emitted from the star-shaped lamp when a halogen bulb is turned on. Starlightz is 100% burn proof; there’s no need to be scared about having this item burned and scorched over long periods of use. The material is wood-free and is hand-made in India. What’s more, it’s UL listed and is GS-marked for safety. The product comes in a flat pack and can be easily assembled by any user. See the video below and watch this item put together:  

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A company that joins hands with established and emerging designers, Artecnica seeks to contribute to the home and lifestyle world with inspiring decorative objects. Led by Enrico Bressan and Tahmineh Javanbakht, the company highlights products made from recycled materials. Their roster of designers include Tord Boontje, Yusuke Oono, Hella Jongerius and the studio Rich, Brilliant, Willing. Artecnica runs with a program called Design w/ Conscience (Dw/C), a curriculum which highlights the manufacturing and production of products with humanitarian and eco-friendly principles. Its goal is to promote sustainable communities of talented artisans dwelling in underdeveloped countries; giving them livelihood as well as aiding them in exposing their art. Karma Kiss collaborates with the Artecnica in bringing you beautiful decorative home items that you cannot find anywhere else. Our first installment from this brand is their collection of Starlightz, an ambient series..

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Ceramics is literally derived from the Greek word “Keramos,” which means clay. The manufacturing of these items can be imagined as something which can be molded by hands and then fired to a kiln. With a smooth, glossy texture and the fragility similar to a glass, ceramic items are something one should handle with care and love. It is created with well-worn thoughts, mounded and molded to its beautiful shape, and are finished with a touch of classic elegance which art can be traced centuries back. While ceramics have originally been created as vessels to carry various items, modern ceramicists have changed the way it should function. It has branched out to more than vases and pitchers, into functional kitchen knives, lovely decors and funky items you can actually place and use in your desktop! Karma Kiss lists down a..

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Spring Time is all about Nature’s timely blooming; we celebrate this moment as a season of new life. There’s nothing more magical than the new shoots springing up from the winter-frost branches, flourishing into a mass of green leaves and flowers as the sun shines anew. Instead of looking over those giant trees and shrubs, why don’t you join the magic and grow a garden yourself? Here in Karma Kiss, we have thought of extraordinary ways for you to grow a garden. And it all comes in a gifty little box you can use to present yourself or your loved one a seed of new life. If you’re blessed with a green thumb, or a starter harvester, buying one of these boxes is just for you! Who knows what you can grow out of these seeds? Grow your own pizza..

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