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Do you know why the day of shopping following Thanksgiving was coined, “Black Friday”? Back in the 1960s, “Black” had referred to retail shops moving from “red” (loss) to “black” (profit), according to how accounting records were kept. Black Friday has only gotten bigger and better throughout the years, and you are going to need to prepare for it the best way possible if you want to snag any awesome deals. Karma Kiss has you covered, let’s do this! 1.Jot down a list of those things that you absolutely want, second options if you don’t get those “absolutely need” items, then things that you may like, but won’t flip out about if you don’t bring them home. From what we’ve seen, most folks go for the electronic items, so if a new flat screen is on your list, go for..

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Merry Christmas Everyone! On this day, every Christian around the world celebrates this highly anticipated event with festivity, love and lights. It is the day when they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Faces are aglow and hearts are warmed with an exchange of gifts and warm wishes. As we have shopping fans and blog readers all around the world, we’d like to take a peek at how they hold this winter holiday season and what makes each culture’s Christmas so special Christmas is a national holiday in most places; it’s the perfect time to get a relaxing day off and spend some time with the family. In South America and Latin countries, they celebrate it with El Niño Jesus, the Baby Jesus, and Papa Noel, which is Father Christmas—another term for Santa Claus. Families gather together to pray novenas..

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Santa Claus comes peeping right into that glass of milk! See him with his jolly smile and twinkling eyes in this set of 4 coasters from Karma Kiss. This fun item offers a Christmas-y decorative motif for your table and desks, adding a dash of holiday flair to any setting. More than being a decorative item, it’s a good way from protecting any counter and table from spills and rings. The Peek-a-boo Santa Coasters set comes with 4 absorbent stone coasters, each with a unique design of a sneaking Santa staring at your drink. This is perfect as a gift too! It’s packed in a printed box with illustrations by Debbie Taylor Kerman Inc. Add this item to your Christmas decoration and enjoy having Mr. Claus inside your home. Buy the Peek-a-boo Santa Coasters here >>     Credits: Miss..

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Holidays are a time of the year that present lots of opportunity to spread joy and warm hearts, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they tend to be stressful. As you visit the common shopping stores you begin to hear the holiday music playing through the various speakers of your favorite retail outlets, and then the pressure is on. Luckily, with the use of effective gift guides, as well as conditioning of natural awareness, it can be quite a fun time overall. The pressure of the holidays doesn’t have to be something that puts you into a state of panic. It can be something that you merely recognize and set as a reminder for what ‘to do’ during the holiday’s and the shopping journey, as well as what ‘not to do’.  Here are 5 mistakes that are..

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