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The three-day weekend. School is out. Families have their first opportunity for a short vacation. Celebrating the memory of our fallen heroes comes first! While longer vacations offer the chance to travel further away, the Memorial Day weekend can be a chance to explore a little closer to home–while still having fun as a family. 1. Learn a little as a family: Families on a budget can extend the Memorial Day weekend fun by purchasing an annual member to their local science museum, children’s museum or art museum. For the cost of night out to the movies, the annual pass gets families an entire year access to the local museum and many others with reciprocal memberships. 2. Visit local waterfalls and caves: Summer heat is already setting in. If the pool isn’t an option, head to cooler territories of local..

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We celebrate Memorial Day as a time for honoring all Americans who have died while fighting for our nation and for freedom. A season devoted in remembering these heroes who have passed away, we look at this moment with love, gratitude and pride. A new sense of patriotism burns in our hearts as we remember our countrymen’s service and commitment in their vocation.  As we whisper a prayer for them, let us also celebrate this day by taking pride and buying products created locally.

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