This Year: May Your Dreams Come True

The things you wish for
As you look up in the sky
And your heart throbs with glee.
The dreams that fill
Your eyes with much hope and
Simmers in your soul.
The prayers which are
Woven unconsciously inside
Your head,
Tinkering as you sleep
And when you open your
Eyes, it’s all that
You see
Beyond that office window
And the piles of essay
You need to submit tomorrow
It’s an endless song playing
Inside your ear
Reminding you to keep hoping
Keep looking
Keep searching
For the best is yet to come.

The Things You Wish For

What a lovely Wednesday! We are days beyond the new year, and slowly, new things are being revealed to us. How has your 2014 started so far? The snow has sent most of us shivering under our blankets, and I wish that everyone is safe and warm inside their homes. As the lovely white drops of winter continually sweeps everything we see outside, may you find that sparkle of hope that this year will bring you greater things.

In order to start afresh, here is a list of new directions to guide us in the new year:

  • Don’t be afraid to begin again. Let the lessons of the past year teach you, but don’t let its scars haunt you. Continue to walk. Continue to grow. You’ll find something to fill up that empty spot once more.
  • Take risks. Have no regrets. Do new things. Keep your eyes open for opportunities. Shed off that fear; this is your life, and you only live like this once. Go on, take new adventures!
  • Hone your own fashion. Have a haircut. Buy new clothes. Nourish your body and make your soul happy.
  • Love what you do. Working? Studying? One way to be successful in everything is to love whatever you’re in. Appreciate your office mates. Take cues from your employers as lessons. Read the pages of your notebooks and digest every word in your history class. Algebra is difficult, but everyone has to survive it. Where you are right now is the best place to be.
  • And above all, be yourself. As the saying goes, “everyone else is taken.”

As we plunge into this new year, may you stick with us as we take a new step towards our journey.

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