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Spankin’ New Stuff This New Year

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We’re starting fresh this 2014 by showing off what we’ve got inside our shelves, online that is. Why, we’ve been as busy as Santa’s elves, continuously stocking on the good stuff all throughout the year. I’m more than proud to share these new stuff to you. And in case you’d like something new to begin the year with, you might want to explore our vast gallery.

  1. Arriving in our chest of toys is the very adorable collection of No3no4 Handmade Plush Sock Dolls. Every kid’s gotta have a soft, silent companion to accompany them during sleep or play. Give one child this happiness.
  2. Loved our Tyvek Wallets? Ladies, you’ll definitely love this brand’s clutch variety! Imbibed with happy, bright colors to liven your day and your outfit, the  Tyvek Ladies Clutch – Paperwallet Pianofuzz Edition is a great addition to your accessories collection. There’s also a Tyvek Ladies Clutch – Paperwallet Solid Edition for those who prefer minimalist designs.
  3. Let your tots enjoy the bliss of eating with their animal plate companions! The Petits Et Maman Kids Plate is a great present to a curious toddler who is quite curious at making animal friends. Since it’s made out of wood, you don’t have to worry about this food ware breaking down easily.
  4. To decorate your desks and dining table, we’ve also refilled our gallery with beautifully illustrated coasters. For the colorful, the vivid hues of Rain Coasters is a great gift. We’ve also got ones for coffee lovers, and for those looking forward to summer (because of this really cold season).

Want more? We invite you to take a glimpse of our ‘New Stuff‘ section and see the fresh additions in our store.

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