Summer Fun For Kids: 15 Ways to Keep Your Kiddos Busy

Karma Kiss summer boredom good-bye with our 15 Ways to Keep Your Kiddos Busy. From a spa day to camping, there are great options to help make the summer more fun for kids and less stressful for moms. 

1. Spa Day 

Grab some inexpensive nail polish and toe dividers for mani pedis and fill the rest of the day with our fun themed lip glosses and Unicorn Snot. 

2. Relaxing with Purpose 

Our yoga kids matsin various styles and patterns are the perfect place for kids to do downward dog and kid’s pose. Our Ant Balance Arm Chair can be the perfect fun summer seat and a great homework chair for the school year.

3. Save $

Saving money over the summer can be a fun thing to do when you have uber-cute themed banks and a saving purpose in mind. 

4. The Art of the Summer 

Pick up some sketchbooks and canvases and draw away the boredom with our colored pencil and eraser sets

5. Get Crafty 

From paper dollsto making your own lamp, Karma Kiss has a fun kit to answer the crafty call in any kid.
 6. Music to (Not) be Bored by
Make listening to music more fun with our awesome portable speaker

7. Backyard Boredom Buster

Try a little backyard or family room camping. Check this raccoon solar light – Karma Kiss has your summer kamping gear. 

8. Cook Up Some Fun 

Make summer fun with some easy recipes and yummy goodies cooked up in our owl egg corral or with our cupcake express baking kits.

9. Get to the Knit 

A ball of yarn and some knitting needles can help fill a rainy summer afternoon. Add in our alpaca themed goodies and a fun sweater pencil pouch for knitting fun. 

10. Instrument of Fun 

Bring out the recorder and upside down bucket drums for a summer full of music. Our music-themed gift ideas add the music of our starfish harmony bell while our music of life card and necklace to celebrate a love of music.

11. Robot of Summer

Our paper build your own robot kit combined with fun robot toys makes for lots of summer robotics. 


12. Get a Pet 

Kidding! Whether you add a real pet over the summer or just a stuffed one, our pet-themed gift ideas can beat boredom with items like our Koala Bear Pillow and Dolphin Straws.


13. Get into Gardening

When the boredom bug hits, send kids outside to dig in the dirt wearing and go for a trail hike

14. Bike out of Boredom

With training wheels or without, bicycling can be a fun, friendly summer activity. Fill our bicycle cooler bagwith cool waters and popsicles and bike away the boredom.

15. Photography (P)Fun

Send out your budding photography buff of a kid with their camera and our photo frame options waiting at home for their printed photographs. 

From bicycling to photography and everything in between, our kid-friendly summer boredom busters are great options to make the summer fun!


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