The Hottest Anticipated Films of Summer 2016

Ah, Summer is here and the sun is shining (hopefully it is)! School is out and it’s time to veg out and kick back with some kick-butt Summer films. Don’t be fooled  by enticing trailers that could turn out to be total duds. We’ve got the hottest (no pun intended) anticipated films of Summer 2016 right here at your disposal.

  1. <i>Suicide Squad</i> Looks like a film that cannot be missed – Especially if you are a fan of DC comics! Filled with action and gut wrenching thrills, you can look forward to seeing big actors like Will Smith in this flick.
  2. <i>Star Trek Beyond</i> Hello, again Star Trek. I mean really, need we say more? R.I.P. Anton Yelchin.
  3. <i>Ghostbusters</i> This flick will be so fun for adults who grew up watching this flick, and will always ring well with children who have never even heard of this legendary film – Ghostbusters!
  4. <i>Pete's Dragon</i> Ever heard of Pete’s Dragon? This is a remake of the imaginative film from 1977.
  5. <i>Sausage Party</i> If you’re a fan of the hilarious comedies of Seth Rogan and James Franco, well, this little animation sounds SO worth it – Sausage Party.
  6. Purge 3 If you’ve seen the gory yet highly thought out film “The Purge”, this is the third of the collection and we definitely plan to see what’s up – Bring a friend with strong arms to squeeze on.
  7. Tarzan 2016 We are absolutely loving all of these remakes, but especially this one – The Legend of Tarzan. Maybe more suitable for adults, this one?

So what do you say, which film are you most looking forward to getting box tickets for? There’s so many ways you can enjoy these films too – Solo, with a friend, or with your boo, whichever way you choose, remember to silence those cell phones, choose quiet to eat snacks, and be respectful of your movie-goer neighbors so everyone can enjoy the show!

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