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It’s the beginning of 2017, don’t start it off being bored! Now’s a great time to find a new hobby and keep things interesting. Finding new things to do and new ways to plug in can be a big boost to your confidence and enjoyment. Coloring This is a hobby that has seen a huge upswing in the past couple of years, and chances are by now you’ve seen an adult coloring book or two in your local store. Easy to Start The fun thing about coloring is that there’s no lengthy process to pursue. Most people have picked up a crayon, marker, or colored pencil and spent some time with a coloring book already; this is just a grown-up version of what you already know. Great for Your Mind & Health Coloring has been shown to be a stress..

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New Year’s is just around the corner, and you’ve probably already been asked if you have any New Year resolutions. Resolutions don’t often work for long, yet we make them anyway. This year, shake up your resolution-making. Get away from the long, detailed list, and focus on a few more important and probably more impactful choices that can steer your course differently for the whole year! 1. Meditate All right, meditating sounds like a pretty vague resolution, and that’s mostly because it is. Meditation can mean different things to different people, but the important thing is to take some time during the day to be peaceful, think, and reflect. Your mind needs the recharge, and all those things that would normally be resolutions may fall better into place when you’re coming from a more peaceful mental perspective. 2. Find a..

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Ah, holiday travel. On the one hand, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy, right? Going to see friends and family, spending time together…and then on the other hand you think of the traffic, the hassle, weird Uncle Bob, and maybe holiday travel isn’t all that. There’s not a lot we can do to help you with weird Uncle Bob, but there are some steps you can take to make the rest of it a little easier. Pack Light It can be really tempting to bring everything you might need, but when it comes to making the most of traveling, you’ll get a lot more from bringing a lot less. When it comes to clothes and accessories, focus on packing functional, versatile pieces. You need things you can wear easily in any situation. Save yourself extra hassle by mailing your gifts ahead..

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There’s just not enough time in the next couple of months to do everything that needs to be done, at least that’s what it feels like. Are you in that boat too? The chaos of trying to figure out how to get everything done–especially holiday shopping–can be incredibly overwhelming. Deep breath, though. There are steps you can take to make things a little easier, starting with your holiday shopping. Yes, Virginia, There is a Budget First things first, even if it makes you shudder, you have to have a budget. It’s just way too easy to spend without realizing how much is slipping away from you. Make a (reasonable) budget and stick to it as much as possible. This may be an overall holiday budget, or you might want to specify for different people or groups of people. For instance,..

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With Halloween fast approaching, Homer Simpson and the family are gearing up for the festivities. Of course, we are all looking forward to the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror tales this year, a traditional rite of passage into the macabre. But that got us to thinking about just what kind of advice or tips would Homer have to share with his fellow revelers? Well, not surprising, Homer indeed had a suggestion or two (actually, closer to 25, but we have limited space here). Simple and straight to the point, Homer Jay Simpson presents his personal rules for successful trick-or-treating. Rule #1 Halloween is About Donuts Don’t let anyone else try to convince you that Halloween is about scary stuff because it isn’t. It’s about good, tasty, delicious stuff – like donuts. If you really want to liven up the neighborhood and..

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It’s almost here: the wonderful, glorious fall. Days are starting to run shorter. Nights are longer, colder as you gaze at your favorite constellation shining brightly on your hemisphere. The air is turning crisp, no longer hot and humid like the summer days. The leaves start to brown and ultimate, fall, making a picturesque mound on the earth, signifying that a new season has arrived. We love Fall for many reasons. There’s just so much beauty in this season that gives us a lot of cheer and gratitude as the year slowly ends. Now before the leaves turn gold and the air starts to chill, I believe it’s the right time to set up our own home’s autumn decoration. If you’re still confused at how to start, well, this post will show you how. Take lovely morning walks with your..

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Out of the 365 days a year, we only have one day to pay tribute to the most valuable woman in our lives in the whole world: our moms. Everyone has a mother. They go by different names and various specialties. Some work hard for our family’s living. Others dedicate themselves in doing the tedious chores to make lives easier for us. All in all, mothers are wonderful creatures and each of them are a blessing, primarily because they are the ones who gave birth to us. So what can we do to make the woman of the day more special? Were listing down a few tips in which you can use to spice up your Mother’s Day Celebration. A pool of photos Ask your siblings to take candid snapshots of you and your memories of your mom. Take a..

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It’s not a secret that the Earth is slowly changing; to be specific, degrading. We’ve heard all about it in the news: climate change, greenhouse gasses, and the gradual depletion of the natural resources we have forgotten to replenish over time. The sad stories of earthquakes, tsunamis, harsh storms and surprisingly strange weather occurrences are becoming more and more common. But there’s still hope. If we could change some of the ways we were accustomed to, we might get to live in a planet where there are less threats and more comfort, especially for the future generation. Karma Kiss celebrates Earth Day, and as we head on to a new season, we may perhaps take a handful from these reminders and contribute to the Earth’s well-being. We have listed 10 (taken from the many) smart ways to ease energy consumption..

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Ah, April Fool’s! It’s that time of the year when doing pranks is not prohibited and everyone can be mischievous and get away with it. It’s the joker’s favorite day and there’s nothing like it throughout the year. Why, you may brewed your own great joke just for this season. There’s no time to waste; we’ve got to celebrate the First of April in the naughtiest, cleverest way possible! However, if you’re one of those people who are still looking for plans on fooling loved ones around (in the light of good mischief, by the way), we’re sharing some of tips to help you carry out a joke to commemorate the year! Poke at the pitcher. Does your family love milk? Why not pour a white jell-o in a pitcher and freeze it overnight? Everyone will wonder why their dairy..

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Spring is here! In a few more days, we’ll be feeling the warm kiss of the sun. The sight of the white, frosty winter will soon disappear into puddles of water which children can enjoy splashing at. There’s no need to wear six layers of clothing, and to hide inside the home to keep our toes toasted. No more of the chilly breaths and red, flaky cheeks. We’re saying goodbye to the year’s first season and to welcome a new season that allows us to run, play and enjoy the outdoors without the fear of getting washed up by the snow. Everybody loves spring, except for the occasional allergens which makes us huff and sniffle all over. But aside from that, it’s nice to see the green grass growing and the colorful flowers blooming. Why, this snow season has been..

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We are all aware of those days when women were treated unequally with men. There were times when gender differences have its own pros and cons, but the new world is slowly dissipating that thought into a much fairer world for everyone to live and enjoy. If you’re a woman, Karma Kiss is celebrating your presence! You’ve got the right to dream and make those dreams come true; become a voice in the world and let your life be heard like a beautiful echo, no matter where you are and what you do. In the spirit of this celebration, we hope you find ways to let the women in your life feel that they are appreciated. Wondering how? Start with these tips: A nice “Thank You!” is a good way to start. Give your mom, sister, teacher, co-worker, boss and..

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Heading our way this winter season is the most heart-warming celebration anticipated by lovers. At this time of the year, flowers surprisingly pop out of the snowy landscapes into the hands of your cherished partner. Boxes of gifts are handed out to those precious people whom you have feelings for. But even if you have no partner, you can still give out something for your loved one this Valentine’s Day! After all, it’s an event emphasizing on love, and we’re pretty much sure everyone has been loved one way or another. Because you’re giving a gift to a special person, it’s important to find something unique and uncommon. We here at Karma Kiss is giving you a list of unique gifting options you can present to your loved one, and we’re making sure there none of the ordinary! Check this..

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