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Left-handed burger? Taco Bell Liberty bell anyone? April 1st. It is the day that pranksters live for all year. From a wife announcing an April Fool’s not-pregnancy to baked goods that look one thing but are something else; April Fool’s Day usually involves harmless short jokes. On April 1st, kids and adults around the world try to trick their friends and family with small and large pranks. Sometimes April Fools pranks go awry and are enacted on large groups of people, cities and even the world. In 1940, the world thought that the world would end on April 1st. A Franklin Institute press release brought dooms-day fear into the hearts of people around the world but was only a press release for a potential subsequent lecture entitled “How Will the World End?”. Obviously, the world did not end but mass panic..

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Ah, April Fool’s! It’s that time of the year when doing pranks is not prohibited and everyone can be mischievous and get away with it. It’s the joker’s favorite day and there’s nothing like it throughout the year. Why, you may brewed your own great joke just for this season. There’s no time to waste; we’ve got to celebrate the First of April in the naughtiest, cleverest way possible! However, if you’re one of those people who are still looking for plans on fooling loved ones around (in the light of good mischief, by the way), we’re sharing some of tips to help you carry out a joke to commemorate the year! Poke at the pitcher. Does your family love milk? Why not pour a white jell-o in a pitcher and freeze it overnight? Everyone will wonder why their dairy..

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