7 Must Haves for a Successful Spring Cleaning

The snow has melted, the flowers are in bloom, and you’re ready to dust off the must of this old house. There’s nothing that says “spring” like a successful deep clean of your home. With these wonderful tools, you’ll be able to get your cleaning done in no time. Check out these seven must haves for a spring cleaning that’ll put a spring back in your step.

1. Make a To-Do List: Before you get cracking, you need to write down everything you’ve got to take care of. This Large Tortoiseshell Butterfly Journal/Notebook is a perfectly big size to jot down all your thoughts on refreshing your home. Plus, the vibrant orange butterfly imagery is both relaxing and reminiscent of springtime.

2. Time Yourself:Productivity experts say that to get things done, it’s best to put yourself on a timer. Even 10 minutes of cleaning a day can help you de-clutter faster and better than ever before. These Mini Animal Alarm Clock let you set the right amount of time to devote to any cleaning project, and offers the choice between all kinds of colors and animal faces, from blue hued dog design to a lime green frog.

3. Store Extra Change:Ever find dollar bills stuck between the couch cushions? When you’re spring cleaning, you’re bound to find loose change throughout the house. Save it all up for a rainy (spring) day with the Penguin Money Bank, made of phthalate-free plastic and featuring an adorable penguin shape worthy of display.

4. Frame Your Pictures:That box overflowing with prints — or that project to organize your digital prints — can finally come to life. Don’t keep the pictures in boxes any longer. The Flamingo Dance Photo Frame is ideal for vacation photos, days at the beach, or any memory you want highlighted by these fun flamingo prints.

5. Throw Out the Trash: With all that cleaning going on, you’ll be tossing out your old junk, plus throwing out used rags, bottles of cleaner, and more. This Chinese Take Out Trash Bin is a great way to keep all your trash in one place in the form of a Chinese food takeout container, with durable construction and a butterfly lid.

6. Grow Something New:What would spring cleaning be without adding more to nature? Whether you’ve got a backyard or a tabletop garden growing in your apartment, these Grow It! Chili Peppers include a variety of chili seed packets ranging from jalapeno and Anaheim chilis, plus starter growing pots made from coconut husks.

7. Change the Decor:Part of spring cleaning means out with the old, and in with the new! Treat yourself to all your hard work with a new, funky lamp. This Leafy Green Table Lamp screams both “spring” with its lush nature print and contemporary design.

What will you use to help make your spring cleaning a success?


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