Preparing for Daylight Savings: 5 Timekeepers to Stay Ahead

If it keeps time like a watch and looks like a duck, is it still a watch? The Flip-Top Light Up Watch Duck offers the best of both worlds. Feeding the ducks by the lakeside on a beautiful spring day? Ducks love to meet a new friend on your Flip-Top Light Up Watch Duck. Stay too long throwing stale bread at said ducks while simultaneously forgetting daylight savings time? The watch can let you know that it is time to head to your mother-in-law’s. Or not.BM956-KK FLIP TOP LIGHT UP WATCH - DUCK

Cats need to eat. They also don’t care that Daylight Savings Time has taken place. If you don’t want to suffer the wrath of cats gone wild from hunger this spring, try our Winky Slap Band Watch Cat Black. Marked by a cat at every hour marker, the Winky Slap Band Watch Cat Black not only reminds you it is time to feed Mr. Kitty, it also is a handy reminder to watch for black cats crossing your path. A superstition, feeding reminder, timekeeper, and bracelet all in one! When has a simple watch accomplished so many things?
Winky Slap Band Watch Iconic PC Black
Daylight Savings Time always is a time for reminders of things to accomplish: filing taxes, getting the oil changed in your car, getting new eyeglasses. When you can’t see the numbers on your watch or clock to even set it backwards or forwards, you miss appointments. When you miss appointments, you end up wearing the wrong prescription even longer. The Vintage Icons Watch – Classic Eye Chart heads off this optometry nightmare at the visual pass. Take a gander at the watch face eye chart to see if you are in need of a visit to your friendly eye doctor. If the watch is blurry, you might need to get new glasses. Problem solved.
 Vintage Icons Watch - Classic Eye Chart
No Apple watch in your future? Forget to set your clock ahead and missed the line-up or online sign-up to get the latest and greatest technology? If you are behind or just love the truly retro gadgets of not-so-long-ago days gone by, the Retro Calculator Watch is perfect for you. Not only is it a teeny tiny fraction of the cost of an Apple watch, you can tell time and calculate numbers with very big fingers on a very little calculator. Your friends and neighbors will be amazed.
When you give a human a date to write down and they have no paper, they forget said date. When human forgets said date and the date turns out to be Daylight Savings Time, human is late to appointments and loses job and friends. Don’t let humans not write down dates. Give them the innovative Write On Watch. Available in four fun write-on paper-like options, you can write notes or dates on the watch without having to carry around a notebook. Forgetting Daylight Savings Time will be a thing of the past with the Write on Watch. Now if you only find a pen. . .
 ART027-KK Write On Watch
These five timekeepers are ways to not only keep time but also keep stylish. This is also your official reminder that Daylight Savings Time is approaching on 3/8/2015. Make a note. Wear your newwatch!


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