Celebrating the Stars and Stripes

This week, Karma Kiss celebrates with every American as we commemorate our Independence Day this Fourth of July. We raise our banner high, complete with stars and stripes, and take pride at the event which has given us the freedom we enjoy today. The feeling of liberation, strength and courage from our forefathers flows in our veins, and everybody means to make this day the brightest, liveliest celebration of the summer.

Being one of the most anticipated holidays in the nation, it’s just right that we go all-out in our very own independence day. Every American knows how to celebrate this season in a fun fashion. Parades, fireworks, backyard barbecues and campings are swarmed with people with ignited patriotism. We also look back at our past heroes gone before us, and pay tribute to their contributions to our country.

The stars and stripes takes pride as it is marched along every streets; where houses proudly display them, and hands lovingly hold them high. Houses are filled with cook-outs and parties; the children enjoy their summer activities, and everyone is reminded that this day made all the difference in our lives. The nightly skyline is soon enveloped by the striking colors of lovely fireworks, boasting of a warmhearted festivity everyone awaits for.

Whatever you are doing and wherever in the country you are celebrating, we are sending you our deepest cheer.  Of course, this celebration is also a perfect gifting season. So go on, share the charm of this national holiday and hand out a gift so unique and unforgettable.  You can choose to pass on buying some blooms this season and pick out something that will last for a longer time. Be inspired by Karma Kiss’ collection of premium gifty items, perfect for presents and loving surprises. Check out our store at



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