Product Spotlight: Campfire Night Light

We all know how campfires create a relaxing, romantic atmosphere for retiring bodies. As everyone gathers around the open sky, with the stars just overhead, nothing can be as comforting as the soft glow of embers from this favorite night light. The trickling sound of the fire consuming the wood; the heat it produces at it dances in the darkness, and the bond created by the people who gathers around it is truly something magical.

Everyone slows down for a fun evening of stories. This experience quietly erases memories of anxiety one has in their regular routine. Being in a camp is a perfect getaway; both for the adventurous and those who want to have a retreat. The fire is one thing that binds everyone during that moment; settling around its warmth and light. Anyone who goes into a camp knows this beautiful experience. Alas, for these moments are often short lived.

For those who wants an experience as magical as being around a campfire, Karma Kiss is giving you the next best thing. There’s no need to gather logs for firewood. It doesn’t matter if you can make fires out of flint, or if you lost your matches. This little campfire is your perfect companion for those silent, tranquil nights. The soft little glow over a log-like stand; it’s almost the same. All you need is to plug it in!

This beautiful night light is a perfect companion for the avid camper. There is an on and off switch that makes this a bit modern, yet an energy saving bulb that is powered by batteries. There’s no reason to be afraid of the dark, after all, this light will keep on “burning” and will never go out. You’ll have a taste of the wild, without really going any distance from your home.

Charming, isn’t it? Buy this product on our store by visiting this page.

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