Product Spotlight: Counting Numbers Mug

Since we’re crazy about ceramics this week, we’re dishing a product spotlight under the similar category. And you can count, literally, that this is something which may perk up your attention, one number or another! We’re talking about the Counting Numbers Mug, from 0-9, a great gift for the numerical aficionado who loves counting and accounting everything into place.

We can’t live without numbers, and we’re putting the numbers right into our own mug. The Counting Numbers Mug can either come from a single piece (individually bought with your lucky numbers on it) or as a whole set. It’s a unique concept you can use on special occasions as well as every day. Why, you can replace your birthday candle with two mugs (unless you’re a hundred years old), and make it as a present for anyone turning a year older.

Each mug is delicately made from white ceramic. The handles are crafted to different numbers and colors accordingly. It is more than a conversational piece—it can be paired up with one another and offer limitless gifty possibilities.

These mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe, so you can conveniently heat your coffee without worries.

Buy the Counting Numbers Mug individually, or as a collection here in our store.

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