Spruce up Your Kitchen with Karma Kiss

Every kitchen is almost always equipped, clean and orderly. It is functional in all sense, but not colorful and surprising in many ways.  We all know that the kitchen is the most important part of the house because this is where the family settles down to cook and eat. However, this area should equally be as exciting and fun-filled as the other areas of the home.

One way to make it colorful and exciting is to acquire accessories and tools that will add up to the fun and favors of working in the kitchen.

Here are some simple, cost efficient, but uniquely designed kitchen tools and accessories that will enhance the mood, appearance and function of your kitchen:

  • Trash bins, used normally as receptacle of waste, gets  the form of a Chinese takeout containers or fast food coffee cups.
  • Our wine openers can be remade and re-designed by any smart housewife
  • We have bartending tools of varied uses in one handy bunch.
  • We also have beautifully designed and colorful squeezers and juicers in galactic form and colors.
  • Our ice boxes yield sculptured-like ice in shapes of angel fish and stallion.
  • We have colorful tongs in the shape of applauding hands, helpful spatulas in varied shades
  • Hot pot trivets with bright colored silicone stones
  • Kitchen funnel in detachable escargot design
  • Measuring cups in the form of elegant wine glasses
  • Chopping boards with colorful ring design and that of a cookbook cover
  • And salad server in the form of squid and many other rare forms and designs of many simple kitchen tools you can think of.

Simple as these tools maybe, but their unique and wonderful designs and forms, not quite mentioning the effects of their colors, bring more and greater fun and excitement of working in the kitchen.  They make kitchen work efficient, enjoyable and fulfilling but they are so convenient and amazingly affordable.

What do you think? Spruce up your kitchen with these unique items only found here in Karma Kiss!

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