What’s in Your Karma Kiss Wishlist?

Are you a regular customer or a new visitor who managed to walk in our digitally nifty store? Well, we’re sure you’ve found something extraordinarily curious within our shop. Something that caught your eye, made a tinge of desire in your heart, beckoning you to look and look at it again. For some reason, our unique items definitely strike a chord in you, with more than a wonder but a want. Don’t worry, it’s not strange. You, as well as our massive league of fervent buyers have always felt there’s an item or two (or more) that they have deeply liked from our store!

In this post, we’re taking a peek at what others loved and “faved” in our online shop, taken from popular Pinterest pins. See if your favorite item is listed too!

Jingle Kitten Money Bank

Why they loved it: It’s cute, it’s ceramic, and it purrs adorably while looking at you with its beady eyes.

Blue Dachshund Shelf Decor

Why they loved it: Dogs are a man’s best friend. Even if they’re just a decor. And it’s blue too!

Elephant Paper Shredder And Pencil Sharpener

Why they loved it: It’s not surprising why animals are taking the reign on many wishlists. This one’s a really cute, functional item that can shred and sharpen at the same time!

Tree Branch Wall Hanger

Why they loved it: A general favorite, this whimsical wall hanger is a great choice for a home decor!

Toadstool Table & Stools Set

Why they loved it: We’ve seen moms posting this on their Pinterest boards as an inspiration in recreating a child’s room into a fairyland.

There goes our first round up for popular favorite items here in Karma Kiss. We’re glad to see home design choices as well as quirky little utilities. How about you? What’s on your Karma Kiss wishlist?

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