Get the Best of Our Weekly Deals!

Karma Kiss, your best source for all gifty things imagined, makes purchasing more special for you. We all know that there are times when the budget is tight. When special occasions come up, it’s a hard to shell out a few extra cash just to make your loved one feel joyful. It’s a pain to see a remarkable event just fade away into memory, just like an ordinary day. We don’t want you to just let that moment pass! Everyone deserves to have a treat every once in a while, that is why we bring you our Karma Kiss Weekly Deals!

Each week, our team presents an item with a cut-off price starting from 40% to 88%! All you have to do is to keep in watch and take advantage of your favorite item in an amazingly discounted price. There are no hidden charges, no discount codes, no coupons, and no requirements for you to get this one of a kind treat that you definitely are worthy off.

Visit our Weekly Deals tab for your dose of fine gifty items! And because this is Karma Kiss, you’re sure to enjoy a one of a kind product that is earth-friendly, well-made and will be a beautiful addition to your home and desktop collection.


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