Find a Clever Gift for Your Favorite Kid!

It’s okay to admit it: it can be really hard to shop for kids. Not only are there so many options, but half the time you don’t know one character from the other, or what will be a hit and what will be a flop.

Best solution? Go for classic, cool toys that will be a win every time. Check out these clever gifts–and all of the Karma Kiss suggestions for kids & teens!–to get started on the right track.

Clever Gifts for Kids

Night Owl Night LightNight Owl Nightlights

For the kid in your life who isn’t a huge fan of the dark (or is just a huge fan of cute things), these Night Owl Night Lights are a guaranteed hit. They provide just the right amount of life and twice your daily required amount of adorableness.

Pick the kiddo’s favorite color or buy all 4 and let them choose!

Eco Snooper BackpackHappy Hippo

While we’re on the subject of cute things, the littlest ones in your life will love this Eco Snooper Raccoon Backpack. Half backpack, half adorable
companion, this guy will be a big hit wherever he goes.

If Raccoons aren’t a favorite, there are plenty more plush backpacks from which to choose, including an awfully happy hippo and a super friendly giraffe!

Treasurescope Telescopic Kaleidoscope

Thankfully, the child in your life won’t need to pronounce this toy to enjoy it! A kaleidoscope is a timeless classic for any kid, and a treat to share. It’s even better when it’s the Treasurescope Kaleidoscope, because these fun designs and telescopic feature make it twice as good.

Woodland Tree Table & Stump Stools

What kid hasn’t dreamed of or absolutely loved a fort, treehouse, or fairy play house? This amazing little table set brings that aesthetic front and center. Whether you’ve got a kid who wants to serve tea to friends in nature or host wizarding duels over a magical tree, their eyes will light up for the Woodland Tree Table Set!

The kids in your life don’t have to be the most difficult to shop for–you just have to know where to look!

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