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It’s March 8th, and time to celebrate women! International Women’s Day is a time to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of women the world over, from Marie Curie to Malala. Here are our top five reasons why you should observe International Women’s Day this year:   Women in History: There’s plenty of women worth honoring from history on this day. Russian ruler Catherine the Great promoted education, Elizabeth Cady Stanton pioneered the women’s rights movement, and Susan B. Anthony established the National Woman’s Suffrage Association. Here’s just a handful of other names who have made an amazing impact on women’s rights — Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Mead, Amelia Earhart, Gloria Steinem, and many, many more.   Women in Politics: All around the U.S. and in political elections around the world, women are stepping up to the challenge of running for office. Of..

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