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President’s Day weekend is not just about a quick snowboarding trip to the mountains or a chance to take a break after gorging on too much Valentine’s Day candy. It’s about celebrating the leaders of America. And to celebrate this momentous holiday, we humbly ask you to turn your attention to the Late Greats Pillow Doll George Washington. George Washington couldn’t tell a lie, so we won’t either. Crafted by owner and maker Chen Reichert, this doll of our first President is an excellent way to talk about American history with your children or students. The plush doll is printed on a colorful canvas made from a combination of cotton and linen, hand stuffed with recycled polyester filling. Soft and cuddly, it stands proudly in its army uniform, ready to protect this country at a moment’s notice. Tucking in the..

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A few weeks ago, we’ve blogged about a couple known celebrities landing in Karma Kiss’ grounds. These two famous names are known for contributing something awesome in each of their respective industries, which is why we still remember then after they are long gone. Well, a few more people entered our store and strutted their charmingly cottony selves into our digital shelves. We’re proud to have them in the Karma Kiss family, and you may be interested to give them a handshake or a good hug. And just like the others, they won’t fret nor complain! First off is one of the, if not THE, most-known presidents America ever had. He is the first of his league, and Karma Kiss makes him available to all patriots and history enthusiasts to cuddle. George Washington comes complete with his dignified wig and..

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