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We’re already midway through our 50 Amazing Gifts Under $50 gift guide, and so far, I hope you’re enjoying your finds. In this section, we’re talking about buying uncommon gifts without spending too much! Are you ready for the 3rd round of our list? Read on! Round 3: The Brilliant Buyer You’re the type of shopper that loves breaking out of the normcore. You’re adventurous, curious and interesting, always on the lookout for something fresh and exciting in the market. Some people may think you’re on the edge, but you love being extraordinary. You prefer to be extraordinary. Well, guess what. Karma Kiss is created just for the types of you, and we’re bringing you the most unique items in the most delightful sense! For someone who needs a hug, the Spa And Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear will do the..

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Yesterday, we’ve talked about how you can buy gifts in sets so you can give bigger quantities away. This time, we’re taking things up a notch. Ready for the second part of our 50 Amazing Gifts Under $50 gift guide? Here you go! Round 2: The Practical Saver What we’re thinking is this: you’re not stingy, but definitely not someone who splurges. You want to make the best of both worlds: buying something charming and cheap at the same time. You’re quite lucky, because if you’ve got $20, you can buy one or two of these unique specials. Check this list out! The most decorative woodland animal to add to someone’s room: LED Nightlight Woodland Twilights Hedgehog ($14.00) For a friend who loves to cook, this timer might help them check their dishes on time! Mini Time Bomb Timer ($19)..

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