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Labor Day. The day when we celebrate a year of working hard by hardly working, or not working at all. Families barbecue at home or head out of quick three-day weekend excursions. It is a quick respite from back-to-school. Whether you do a “staycation” in your own backyard or a quick hop to a nearby city, enjoy your labor-less long weekend and save a little cash by sticking close to home. From East Coast to West Coast, cities offer fun and inexpensive family options. There are nationwide state parks offering options for everyone from restaurants to golf, hiking, to boating. Camp onsite in tents or cabins for a fun Labor Day getaway at family-friendly prices. One of my favorite places for free entertainment any time of the year is Washington, DC. From the Smithsonian museums to the National Zoo, there..

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Enter loud, happy squeal: It’s September! And a whole new month means a whole new anticipation for a whole new bunch of things to come into our lives. And speaking of new things, we mean presents. We mean gifts. We mean being remembered and appreciated and loved. And we at Karma Kiss could not be much happier than whipping you up with the good stuff to gift yourself and your loved ones. September 1st falls into the day where every employee, boss, freelancer and any kind of worker gets honored; after all, it’s Labor Day! In the span of 365 Days a year, we have one special celebration for everyone who worked for their living, who became their family’s breadwinner, and those who did everything to pursue their dreams into the wide, wide world. You who have toiled for days..

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It’s the start of September and we celebrate Labor Day. Just the perfect moment to appreciate the hard working loved ones who gave all of themselves for their jobs. We recognize their value, we look at their contribution in making the workplace more productive and comfortable. Whether this person is your office mate, your friend or your relative, it’s high time you tell them how they are esteemed. If you’re wondering what to give them, Karma Kiss has it all for you. Let’s start off with this smart list in making their day more valuable: For the domestic lady who loves handling the housework like a warrior, The Washing Machine Laundry Hamper is just the most perfect gift for her. Of course, this hamper won’t do the same magic of washing those growing number of clothes, but it’s a nice..

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