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Coasters are decorative and useful elements essential to our modern homes. Despite them being small, no dinner is complete without them. They provide a nice protection for out tables by keeping our glasses and cups in its right place. It takes away the hassles of wiping frequent liquid rims left over by cold drinks. It also prevents spills and messes on desktops. A well-known brand of decorative coasters, trivets and Lake Art inspired products, Coasterstone landed on Karma Kiss because of its durable products with lovely illustrations fit for contemporary kitchens. The brand began as Hindostone, which first appeared in the 1800s as knife-sharpeners. Hindostone reappeared in the 1950s as a brand of cuticle removers used by professional manicurists. In 1983, however, the brand Hindostone was bought by a couple, Jay and Sandy Peacock. The developed natural-stones were first turned..

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! We’re starting fresh this 2014 by showing off what we’ve got inside our shelves, online that is. Why, we’ve been as busy as Santa’s elves, continuously stocking on the good stuff all throughout the year. I’m more than proud to share these new stuff to you. And in case you’d like something new to begin the year with, you might want to explore our vast gallery. Arriving in our chest of toys is the very adorable collection of No3no4 Handmade Plush Sock Dolls. Every kid’s gotta have a soft, silent companion to accompany them during sleep or play. Give one child this happiness. Loved our Tyvek Wallets? Ladies, you’ll definitely love this brand’s clutch variety! Imbibed with happy, bright colors to liven your day and your outfit, the  Tyvek Ladies Clutch – Paperwallet Pianofuzz Edition is a..

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The sun is out, shining down on every corner with its warm rays and melts the cold chill of winter memories. At this moment, everyone finds time to escape work and school and bask under the bright and colorful weather. It’s finally summer! Stripping away from bulky uniforms, heavy jackets and clunky footwear, it’s usual to see everyone in the community walking away in their vivid summer themed attire. Bright and colorful tops, mixed together with something floral or vividly patterned bottoms, and of course, the flip flops. Who would forget these summer staple footwear? Everyone loves to walk with their feet free as they stride through the street or the sand of the beach! To eternally remind you of summer, Karma Kiss brings you a set of pretty coasters with the fresh and colorful theme of this sunny season...

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