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If there’s anything that should be highlighted within your shelves, it has to be the books. Books are as interesting as the people who reads them; they contain stories, facts, figures and wisdom that we all need to inspire and inform us throughout our lives. Some of them are worthy to be re-read every once in a while, to bring back a feeling of nostalgia. Some books, on the other hand, are left on the most ignored part of the shelf simply because they are too complex for us to understand. We all have our favorite titles and authors, and reading helps the mind and the heart to grow. It’s no wonder that our shelves become fully stacked with different kinds of reads we purchase from the store. Now, we don’t want to make our shelves look dull and lifeless,..

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Looking for something dandy to store your cash in? You’re in luck! Karma Kiss brings you the niftiest, dandiest collection of wallets from Tyvek, a brand known for its nicely printed paper wallets for the cool consumers. Check out our collection of Tyvek wallets and find the perfect print to match your personality! The BITCOIN Tyvek Wallet – Paperwallet Pattern Edition features a retro face print from the inside out. Almost, if not everything, is Made in China. This paperwallet blatantly says so! The GALAXY Tyvek Wallet – Paperwallet Pattern Edition is perfect for the chic fashionista who is always looking at the stars. How about some florals? Put some Hype in it with this printed wallet. Add a dash of Aztec print with this Tyvek design. This is an artist edition of Matacho; a one-of-a-kind design fit for a one-of-a-kind friend!..

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We know that our Karma Kiss readers are creative in one way or another. Perhaps that’s why you’re here in the first place; to find something novel, unique and creative. And because we want you to enjoy your stay, we’re sharing some tips and resources you can use for your own Halloween party this year! All these sites offer free digital items such as fonts, cliparts and templates you can download and enjoy with your kids. Spark up that artsy person in you and fire away with your Halloween crafting with these goodies: Spooky Invites Calling for your league of ghoulish guests this coming Halloween? Why not give them a charming invite to signify of your spooky soiree? Download this nifty editable Halloween Party Invites from Love Vs. Design, stock up on thick paper cards, and print away. You can..

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