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The snow has melted, the flowers are in bloom, and you’re ready to dust off the must of this old house. There’s nothing that says “spring” like a successful deep clean of your home. With these wonderful tools, you’ll be able to get your cleaning done in no time. Check out these seven must haves for a spring cleaning that’ll put a spring back in your step. 1. Make a To-Do List: Before you get cracking, you need to write down everything you’ve got to take care of. This Large Tortoiseshell Butterfly Journal/Notebook is a perfectly big size to jot down all your thoughts on refreshing your home. Plus, the vibrant orange butterfly imagery is both relaxing and reminiscent of springtime. 2. Time Yourself: Productivity experts say that to get things done, it’s best to put yourself on a timer...

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My boyfriend always tells me, “You women are never satisfied! When ya have one thing, you feel like you need just one more thing to complete your life.” Sadly, I agree with him! As women, we are nurturers, so having more is never too much for us – It is considered an abundance! Who’s with me, lady friends? If you are, I’ve got a short gift list that you can hand over to your lover! Let’s hope they pick the right ones, just for you! 1. Gotta show our mommas love first! Surprise her with a fresh cup of joe on Valentine’s morning, in this Mom Owl Coffee Mug. You know how us women have to start our days off exactly right!   2. For the ladies who are hardcore entrepreneurs,or just those always on-the-go, safely store your laptop (filled with your..

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Would you look at that! We’ve mentioned 30 products that costs below $50, and we’re adding 10 more! I hope you find our 50 Amazing Gifts Under $50 gift guide useful. And we’re not even ending yet! This time, we’re talking about gifts within the $40 range. Discover your giver personality and your potential presents down below: Round 4: The Gallant Giver You love to give whole-heartedly, selflessly, saving up on this season so you can offer presents that will touch your family and friends. Gift-giving is special to you because it’s a chance for you to show how you appreciate the people around you, and you will take the time to search for that perfect little present. Well, we made it easier for you; listed down below are beautiful, unique finds that will not cost you more than $40!..

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We’re already midway through our 50 Amazing Gifts Under $50 gift guide, and so far, I hope you’re enjoying your finds. In this section, we’re talking about buying uncommon gifts without spending too much! Are you ready for the 3rd round of our list? Read on! Round 3: The Brilliant Buyer You’re the type of shopper that loves breaking out of the normcore. You’re adventurous, curious and interesting, always on the lookout for something fresh and exciting in the market. Some people may think you’re on the edge, but you love being extraordinary. You prefer to be extraordinary. Well, guess what. Karma Kiss is created just for the types of you, and we’re bringing you the most unique items in the most delightful sense! For someone who needs a hug, the Spa And Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear will do the..

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Yesterday, we’ve talked about how you can buy gifts in sets so you can give bigger quantities away. This time, we’re taking things up a notch. Ready for the second part of our 50 Amazing Gifts Under $50 gift guide? Here you go! Round 2: The Practical Saver What we’re thinking is this: you’re not stingy, but definitely not someone who splurges. You want to make the best of both worlds: buying something charming and cheap at the same time. You’re quite lucky, because if you’ve got $20, you can buy one or two of these unique specials. Check this list out! The most decorative woodland animal to add to someone’s room: LED Nightlight Woodland Twilights Hedgehog ($14.00) For a friend who loves to cook, this timer might help them check their dishes on time! Mini Time Bomb Timer ($19)..

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The holiday gift giving season is almost here and I for one am always looking at exciting new gifts that I would like to give or receive. To me, a gift is something that should reflect your relationship with the other person. It should show that you have an understanding of who they are, what they like and express your sentiments as well. With that said, here are some of the gifts I would love to give or receive.   Gifts I’d Love to Receive Remake It! Magazine Envelopes – Being a crafter, I love anything that lets me use my creativity. This kit not only does that but lets me recycle old newspapers, magazines, paper bags and even wrapping paper, turning them into imaginative cards and envelopes. Thirsty Cork Floor Mat – With five people showering every morning in..

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It’s that time of year again and this year’s season of gift giving (and receiving) promises to be special with a wealth of great items to choose from at Karma Kiss.  In fact, one will be hard pressed to decide on exactly what to purchase. With so many unique and exciting items being offered, there probably won’t be a single person on your gift list who won’t be wearing a smile of appreciation. One thing is for certain; this guide will only heighten your need to allow Karma Kiss to fulfill your holiday gift needs.  With plenty of not only cool, but very purposeful items in stock – well, you simply can’t go wrong with your holiday selections. The Guardian Hold All Owl Holder Take for example the Guardian Hold All Owl Holder.  This terrific table accessory is perfect for..

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The holiday season is a wonderful time for family and friends to spend time together. They exchange presents, share good news, and spread holiday cheer. Karma Kiss has tons of items to give and receive this year! Here are my top ten picks for holiday gifts from Karma Kiss: Swan Watering Bucket Black – This swan bucket serves as a practical and attractive way to water your garden or house plants. It is large so it can hold plenty of water, and it makes a classy home decoration when you are not using it. This swan watering bucket has even been featured in the Better Homes & Gardens magazine! Toddler Ballerina Tee Shirt – For every little girl, this ballerina tee shirt is the perfect addition to her wardrobe. Printed with ballet slippers around the neck, this bright pink shirt..

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