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Okay, all right, DON’T PANIC. We’re in the holiday home stretch, but it’s not too late. With some quick thinking, thoughtful shopping, and some creative shipping options, you can still get the right gift for the right person at the right price. Talk about a triple threat!   Under $10 The 4-in1 Pen Multi Function Tool is a lot of functionality in a small package, and perfect for the handy person in your life, putting whatever they need right there at their fingertips. Decorations like the Dear Santa Stocking Ornament add a festive touch to any home, and you can find several different designs so that you know anyone you buy one for will be happy. For the strong, inspirational person you know, the simple but lovely Pretty Moon Necklaces look nice and come with a message. Under $25 The Cupcake Express Baking..

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It’s okay to admit it: it can be really hard to shop for kids. Not only are there so many options, but half the time you don’t know one character from the other, or what will be a hit and what will be a flop. Best solution? Go for classic, cool toys that will be a win every time. Check out these clever gifts–and all of the Karma Kiss suggestions for kids & teens!–to get started on the right track. Night Owl Nightlights For the kid in your life who isn’t a huge fan of the dark (or is just a huge fan of cute things), these Night Owl Night Lights are a guaranteed hit. They provide just the right amount of life and twice your daily required amount of adorableness. Pick the kiddo’s favorite color or buy all 4 and..

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There’s just not enough time in the next couple of months to do everything that needs to be done, at least that’s what it feels like. Are you in that boat too? The chaos of trying to figure out how to get everything done–especially holiday shopping–can be incredibly overwhelming. Deep breath, though. There are steps you can take to make things a little easier, starting with your holiday shopping. Yes, Virginia, There is a Budget First things first, even if it makes you shudder, you have to have a budget. It’s just way too easy to spend without realizing how much is slipping away from you. Make a (reasonable) budget and stick to it as much as possible. This may be an overall holiday budget, or you might want to specify for different people or groups of people. For instance,..

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Have you made a list yet? The list of all the people you’re buying presents for followed by a string of question marks as you try to think of anything good to get them? If that’s where you are, this is the place to start! From Vintage Icon Watches designed to catch your eye to Small Cooler Bags that make the perfect lunch box or snack-on-the-road portable while looking fabulous, there’s something for everyone. The Aunt Fern and Elephant & Company Table Lamps add a decorative flare and a glow to any room, and for the kid–or kid-like friend in your life–any of the Silent Sweep No Tick Tock Talking Alarm Clocks is bound to be a hit. Looking for something fashionable to give someone you know? As a statement to their taste (and yours!), give them something versatile and beautiful with a..

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Thanksgiving is on our doorstep, and if you’re looking to treat your host to something sweet or want something extra cool for your own Thanksgiving celebration, finding the perfect Thanksgiving gift just got super easy! Adirondack Coasters Save that beautiful end table from water rings and look cool doing it! With their warm fall colors and artistic animal cutout designs, this set of 4 Adirondack Coasters is a great choice for a Thanksgiving party. Get Real Solid Beechwood Salad Servers Set – Pop Art Design Looking for something that looks both classic and modern? The Get Real Solid Beachwood Salad Servers have it covered. Your Thanksgiving salad just got stepped up. Combination Safe Lock Magnetic Kitchen Timer Stick this to your oven or refrigerator and you might get a few people scratching their heads. The Combination Safe Lock Magnetic Kitchen..

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The same way you know what–and where–the best items in your pantry or closet are, Karma Kiss Staffers know their gifts! Here’s a chance for this sneaky little trick, using their knowledge to find the perfect gift. Alchemy Goods Madison Backpack – Tint of Mint Okay, so there’s a lot of stuff you get stuck carrying around. Sometimes it’s your stuff, sometimes it’s everybody else’s (right, Mom, Dad?). If you have to carry it all anyway, you might as well do it in style, and this cool, smart Alchemy Goods Backpack turns it way up. Bon Voyage! Travel Coasters Have a friend that loves to travel or would love a fun splash of color in their kitchen or dining room? The Bon Voyage Coasters come in a set of 4 and are packaged in a unique gift box. Their bright colors and fun designs are sure to..

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No teacher wants more random hand lotion. Or another mug. Or anything that says Teacher on it. To impress your teacher, we have compiled some fun KarmaKiss gifts for you to give to your favorite teacher. Gift cards are always a popular teacher option. Add one to their favorite store in our Peace and Love Mighty Wallet.  Teacher always balancing their phone? The Flex and Hold Mobile Phone Mount lets them keep their phone at their desk in the go position.  After school ends each day, your teacher may need some recovery and down time. Send home the gift of the Spa and Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear, and you might just move to the head of the class when your relaxed and renewed teacher returns.  Have an extra fun science teacher with a sense of humor? Gift them our FCTRY..

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I’m Hannah and I write for The Hip Horticulturist blog for online shed retailer Tiger Sheds. I write about all sorts of different topics but one of my favourite things to discuss is how our customers can transform their sheds. Recently we produced a post focusing on how people can reinvent their shed for 2016 and within this post I mentioned a Karma Kiss product, Toadstool table & Stool Set, as a way people can reinvent their décor. I just love this product and I think it would make any garden look like a dream! So after having a good look through the Karma Kiss website we came across so many more products that would make a perfect gift for people who love their garden and nature! Maybe you have a birthday or special occasion coming up for your wife,..

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