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With the holidays right around the corner and a slew of family and friends sure to be stopping in, you’ve likely started the hurry-clean-the-house game. There are a lot better games to play, so it’s best to make this one as short as possible. Of course, having a few organizing hacks up your sleeve can help make things move way faster. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a few fast tips for every room in your home starting with… The Living Room Create a landing pad to contain the mess. At the end of the day, you walk in the door with an armload of things. Mail, maybe a bag or purse, an umbrella if it’s been raining or your favorite sunglasses–where do you normally drop them? Contain some of that mess by creating a space just for things you drop..

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Any salesman can tell you that his products are the best. That’s why you ask the people around you for suggestions when you’re considering buying or trying something new, right? Getting real opinions from customers is super important. Check out these comments from real KarmaKiss customers, and check out the products for yourself in the links below! Ceramic Robot Vase It’s a unique choice all the way around–there aren’t too many Ceramic Robot Vases running around out there. Don’t worry about him hacking your system; this particular robot prefers to display your favorite plants on the top of his head. Candy Bar Pens If you’ve ever fallen victim to Disappearing Pens–you know, the way your pens somehow magically vanish off of your desk all the time–the Candy Bar Pen Set fixes the problem in an awfully cute way. These pens look like candy and it’s..

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There’s something special about taking the time to sit down to a meal together with friends and family. In the over-scheduled world we tend to live in, those moments are priceless. Of course, that doesn’t mean dinnertime is magically fun–sometimes it needs a little help, whether it’s for the kids in your life, the adults, or those who seem to be caught in-between! Wild Side Make a statement about your wild side with Wild Dining Party Animal Party Plates. You’re bound to get a good chuckle from the dolled up Baby Seal, Baby Deer, and Patricia Panda photos on these fun party plates. Rocket…Fork? It might not be the first thing you think of when you think of utensils, but the Petits Et Maman Rocket Spoon & Fork set might be the perfect addition for the little ones–or not so little ones–in..

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Hey there Karma Kiss family! We’ve missed you guys! That’s why we’re going to share with you today, KarmaKiss’ newest gifty things to grab for yourself or to gift to someone special in your life! So, how was Mother’s Day for everyone? Are you guys ready for Father’s Day? We’re actually working on a pretty sweet gift guide to help you pick just the right gifts for your old man. Maybe this list of our newest gadgets will be part of your shopping list! Our Hamsa Good Luck Pen is one of our favorites. When you’re writing things down, it’s important to have the best tools at your disposal for optimal note taking. Plus, it’s crafted so nicely that you will always want to have it on you anyway.  Well, it’s a bit late to give this Box Sign It’s..

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In its first edition of Color Inspiration posts, Karma Kiss blog brings you this classic, versatile set of hues for those who loves muted, neutral shades for rest and relaxation. We dub this as ‘Grain & Zen,’ featuring the woody colors of oats and dark chocolate, mixed with sandy tones. Looking at this color set imbibes a natural sense of harmony, comfort and peace. A splash of mauve and other gold tones from here and there sparks a burst of sudden glow from the neutral shades. Infused in this color selection are a few of Karma Kiss home decor products that will keep your room functional as well as fashionable. We’re listing down four products included in the set, just in case you might want to take this color inspiration into a reality. The Surya Decorative Pillow Grains De Cafe 18×18..

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Our first item to review this October is all about a memorably metallic companion that does not only fit perfectly as a décor, but is also a nice ally to keep things in check and in order. We’re talking about the Robot Wall Hanger from our Wall Décor collection, a finely tuned automaton with the sole intention of holding your kids’ stuff away from the floor. It doesn’t actually speak, beep or even move; but we think it’s nifty enough to place on a wall and teach kids a lesson about neatness. Put this up on their wall and let the kids enjoy and gain the habit the hanging things onto their proper places. Tidying up their room will cease to become a tedious boring task with the Robot Wall Hanger! Made from durable powder coated steel, this is a..

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We’re counting off the last days of September, but we’re still bringing you new and nice items in our store. Here at Karma Kiss, we plan on always giving you the freshest ideas for the most novel gift you can find and give. There’s already aplenty back in our store, but we’re continuously uncovering great brands for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Take a look at some of our charming new items. Won’t you be surprised? Interested to get inked but wouldn’t dare to have it forever? Tattoo lovers will definitely enjoy the brand Tattly, a collection of amazingly crafted but temporary emblems you can put on your skin. Just like the Tattly Temporary Tattoos – Nautical Set, you can get to be a real sailor and have your ink off whenever you want to. Here’s a lot..

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Ceramics is literally derived from the Greek word “Keramos,” which means clay. The manufacturing of these items can be imagined as something which can be molded by hands and then fired to a kiln. With a smooth, glossy texture and the fragility similar to a glass, ceramic items are something one should handle with care and love. It is created with well-worn thoughts, mounded and molded to its beautiful shape, and are finished with a touch of classic elegance which art can be traced centuries back. While ceramics have originally been created as vessels to carry various items, modern ceramicists have changed the way it should function. It has branched out to more than vases and pitchers, into functional kitchen knives, lovely decors and funky items you can actually place and use in your desktop! Karma Kiss lists down a..

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